Rabble, Rabble, Rabble

I’m sitting here staring at the screen. What do I want to write about? I know I want to put words on paper so to speak but the topic or topics elude me.

I have so many thoughts that run through my head but they just seem more like ramblings in my mind. They’re always there, they never stop and I find comfort in them oddly enough. There are many times when I want to share my thoughts with people but then I wonder, is it worth the debates or conversations that will usually start or end with someone trying to change my mind? It seems that you can never share your thoughts with people anymore without someone telling you you’re wrong. How are thoughts and opinions wrong? I might not agree with you and you might not agree with me but that doesn’t make either of us wrong. I can only think of a handful of people that I can have real discussions with but we all get so busy, who has the time?



I could ramble on incoherently about books I’ve read and you’d just look at me like I’m crazy because telling the story in order isn’t a strength of mine. Once that story has been unleashed in my head it is no longer linear. It tumbles around and spins itself in a new direction. My TBR read continues to grow with no end in sight and yet I have become more choosy in what I want to read. My collection now includes children’s books and parenting guides.

Could I talk to you about current events or will that bring out a side of you that makes me question our friendship? Can the discussion stay on topic and not become a personal attack? From my perspective everyone, myself included, has become almost an extremist in their way of thinking. I’m not saying that people are unwilling to open their minds or learn, I’m just saying that we’re less inclined to being receptive of things we don’t agree with or that goes against our beliefs. We can no longer be objective, what happened?

Wanna talk about my baby? I could go on for hours! Everything about her fascinates me but I don’t you feel that same level of excitement. Does hearing about her crawling make your heart swell like it does mine? Do you feel overwhelmed with emotion that she’s learning to really hug and kiss because she realizes we’re her people? Is it jaw dropping news to you that she has 4 teeth and loves BBQ chicken? How I’m pretty damn sure she grew over night and is looking less like a baby and more like the toddler she’s becoming. Her funny cackle when she’s being wicked or discovers something simple but joyful. Oh or what about her eyebrows! The way she can speak with a simple arch and never say a word. Don’t get me started on crawling, it’s made her little knees so rough and those tiny toes so dirty!

I could get really excited and speed talk about the superhero line up on the CW. How the Flash is my favorite. How I didn’t think I would like Supergirl because I’m not a Superman fan but that I completely love her! How Arrow is only so-so for me because it drags sometimes but that I’ll stick with it. How the first season of Legends of Tomorrow was boring and lacked the energy that I expect from my shows. That I hope when I watch season 2 that it can be redeemed.

I had my gallbladder removed two weeks ago. It was my first surgery. I’m astonished at how good I feel. I hadn’t realized that the aches and pains I was experiencing was my body fighting so hard against an organ that needed to be removed. Do you know how wonderful it was to eat popcorn after not being able to touch it in 3 years? What it was like to eat a real hamburger without ending up on the floor in excruciating pain for hours upon end? I’ll tell you, both were glorious!

I guess maybe I did have something to say, even if it was all a ramble.


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