Welcome Back! Something new this #WaldoWednesday is that the quote below is my first attempt at creating my own art for the page. I’ve proud of the simplicity of the piece because it describes how I feel about today’s quote.


Who you are means more than how smart you think you are compared to others.

I’ve always been intimidated be people who have attended college in any manner because I never have and at this point don’t see myself doing so for any reason. That isn’t to stay that by this time next year I won’t have a different plan, it just means this is what is now.

There have been people I have met in my life that regardless of how much higher education they have received completely lack intelligence of any kind. They’ve read all the literature, studied all the classics yet have no concept of what it means to be kind. They lack a fundamental piece of the puzzle that makes us human. Did they learn too much?

On the other hand I have also met people who most likely didn’t make it past middle school and they also lack intelligence. Not book smarts but simple intelligence. Their minds for whatever reasons stopped absorbing knowledge of any kind and they too lack kindness.

At what point in our maturity does our character start to exceed our intelligence or better yet help to define it? Or does our character begin when we begin? Can we build upon our initial selves through learning and experience or are we genetically predisposed to only ever reaching a certain standard of ourselves?


8 thoughts on “#WaldoWednesday

  1. Another thought provoking #WaldoWednesday! I think kindness isn’t valued as highly as it once was, and the internet is partly to blame for that. People suddenly felt free to say whatever they wanted, even if it was rude. When society stopped insisting on all the social niceties, kindness was one of the first things to be discarded by many people, it seems.

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      1. True. It did shock me, though, to see the things people write on Facebook, with the (presumably) real name and oftentimes a photo of themselves attached it! The anonymity of a message board is one thing… I can get how people can be at the worst there. But on Facebook it seems even more awful because it’s like they’re saying “This is who I am, and this is how ugly I can act!” Shameful…

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