I am allowed to grieve.

I wrote the post below on my Facebook page today because it needed to said. It was me being able to start my healing process that others have tried to deny me.

The outpouring of love I have received from my friends on both sides of this election has warmed my heart and helped me to see beyond my grief. I won’t heal over night and I am developing a new view of the world that surrounds me. I fear that some of my optimism and ideals have been fragmented. I don’t know what they will look like once they come together again. My hope is they will allow me to be stronger and more kind in the face of hate. Right now the pain is still too fresh.

I am allowed to grieve.

For over a year I watched friends and family alike flock to a person that for me represented all that is ugly about the world. The hate, the fear, the sexism, the diversity, all of it. I said nothing. I respected the right of everyone to post what they believe to be true.

For one day I decided to show my sadness, my anger, my pain, and I was told that I was the negative one. I had family attack me then turn tail when I attacked back. Where do they get the right to insult me without consequence? They’re the only one entitled to have beliefs and values? Because mine don’t adhere to what they believe I’m supposed to keep them to myself? I will not.

If anything I posted yesterday was offensive I’m not sorry. Nobody apologized to me when they posted the messages of hate for 15 months. The freedoms we have in this country aren’t only for a selected few, no matter how much some people want that to be true.

I will not “get over it” in less than 24 hours. I am a human being, I have feelings and am entitled to process them in the time and manner I see fit. You don’t have to like what I say, I haven’t liked what you’ve said for some time but I respect your right to say it. Can you say the same?



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