Lessons for Daughters and Sons

To help me become a better writer I’ve been trying to put together little stories for my daughter that I hope will help her learn lessons as she grows up.

I’ve been working on this one for a month or so now and felt it was a story that I should share with everyone. I think it’s a lesson that is universal. As I was writing it I realized how simple life was as a child. How clear and easy my thoughts on the world were when I didn’t have doubt and fear darkening my feelings.

I hope you all enjoy my little story. It’s just the beginning and is constantly growing.


“Mommy, why don’t I have two Mommies?” Amelia asked while watching her own Mommy fill up the tub.

“Well.” Mommy said “Because families are all different and the one you were born into one that has a Mommy and a Daddy. Why does it matter?”

Amelia thought about this and decided it didn’t matter but it was interesting.

“But don’t all kids need a Mommy and Daddy?” Amelia was curious.

Just how many types of families are there and was I missing out on something?

“All kids only need love sweetie. I grew up with just a Mommy myself, you know. Gigi raised me and your Auntie with no other Mommy or Daddy.” Mommy said this very matter-of-factly never looking up from the tub as she felt the water temperature. “What brought on all these questions up so suddenly?”

“Miss Hannah wants us to make family trees in class. We all started them today and I noticed Tara had two Mommy’s on her tree. I’ve never seen a tree like that before and asked her where her Daddy was on the tree. She said she didn’t have a Daddy, she said she had Mommy and Momma.”

As Mommy turned off the water and looked up at me she had a smile on her face that always made me feel warm and smile myself. She motioned me over and pulled me into a hug and help me get ready for my bath. “How did it make you feel after you talked to Tara?”

Mommy is always asking questions like this. She always wants to hear what I has to say before she gives me her thoughts.

“I didn’t really feel anything at all. I was curious more than anything. How can you not have a Daddy?” I seemed genuinely confused.

Mommy squeezed me close and said “In life you’re going to see all sorts of families that are different from your own right now. Some families have two Mommy’s, two Daddy’s, just one Mommy or Daddy or no Mommy and Daddy at all. They’re all completely normal and exactly the way they should be.”

“Why are there so many types of families? Doesn’t it get confusing? How does everyone keep track?” I was stunned. I couldn’t imagine not having Mommy and Daddy. 

Mommy seemed to be thinking hard about how to answer me. Her eyebrows were smooshed together and her mouth was pressed together like she might want to kiss. Was this really a hard question to answer?

“There are different families because every family is up of people and people come in all shapes, sizes and genders. There really isn’t an explanation for that other than to say that’s how life works. You have Me, Daddy and Gigi under one roof. Not many kids have that either.” Mommy look at me and smiled. “Does that help make any sense?”

I thought about that and decided yes, it does help. I had seen families on TV that seemed different than my own and it never bothered me. There were always other Gigi’s at the store with other kids or just Daddy’s at soccer games. Maybe those were the other families Mommy was talking about and those kids were no different than me.

“Why haven’t I noticed these other families before now Mommy? I asked.

“Why would you?” Mommy asked “There isn’t a reason for them to stand out because they’re really different at all. Maybe you didn’t noticed because Daddy and I have always tried to make sure you didn’t see the difference.”


7 thoughts on “Lessons for Daughters and Sons

  1. Really enjoyed reading this. In this day and age where families look so different I think it’s very important to educate children to be accepting and understanding. Thank you for writing it in such an insightful and entertaining way. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading it!

      My very goal was to inspire dialogue with kids. I know people a sometimes afraid to talk about certain subjects with kids but if the conversation could just be started I think it might surprise many on how intelligent kids really are today.


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