#NovellaReview: Unexpected Fairytale by Mary Catherine Gebhard

I received this novella from the author for free in exchange for an honest review.


The story of Gabby and Levi feels like a story that anyone could believe because it does and has happen.

Mary Catherine has created an intense story in this short story. Unexpected Fairytale isn’t your typical love story. Gabby isn’t the naïve protagonist but Levi is the knight in shining armor.

We meet Gabby after yet another battle in a loveless marriage with a man who doesn’t deserve to breathe air. Levi is the officer trying to help but he also has a few secrets of his own.

Levi is undercover to stop the corruption. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, but love doesn’t care and can’t tell time. Gabby is all he can think about. He’s willing to risk it all but is she?

Being born into the mafia means dying in the mafia. But every person has a breaking point. Has the latest event in Gabby’s life pushed her to that breaking point?

Love can be found anywhere but can it endure the struggles of life? Is love enough?

Mary Catherine continues to shine with this novella from Bleed Blue 69. The passion and grit behind her writing is phenomenal.

Buy Bleed Blue 69 now! Multiple authors have come together to give you one police station where all proceeds from this collaboration go to families of fallen officers.


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