Changes….They are A Comin’


I’ve gone over and over it in my mind.

I’m going to be changing the theme, brand, whatever of my blog.

I originally wanted to share my thoughts and review on books, show you pictures on my furbaby and ramble once in a while.

Since finding out I was pregnant and with the birth of my daughter my attentions have turned in a new direction.

I still read but not as often as before and I can’t guarantee when I’ll be able to sit down again for any extended period of time and start or finish a book again. I’m ok with that, I hope you all are as well.

I’m going to be that parent right now that you roll your eyes at, so here goes. My daughter is only 9 months old at this point so everything she does overjoys me. I’m excited to spend every second I can with her. I have not reached the point where I want to drop her off in the woods or ship her to the North Pole. I’m sure that time is coming but for now I’m enjoying every moment and I want to write about it as much as possible.

I want to talk about what effects my family as my daughter grows. What I think about on any given day about what she should eat, how fast her teeth are coming and how she makes me smile when she calls me mama.

I’ve held back because I haven’t wanted to disappoint anyone but I have disappointed someone. Myself. Hence the reason I’ve decided to rebrand.

I haven’t decided if I will change the name of the blog or not but I am tempted. We’ll see what happens. I do hope you’ll all continue to visit and enjoy my blog now and in the future.


5 thoughts on “Changes….They are A Comin’

      1. As you should be… that’s what good mommies do! 🙂 There’s more to life than books, and it’s just not possible to focus on books when you have a sweet baby at home learning and growing. I think it’s a great change!

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