Does this sound terrifying to anyone else?

I read it and keep saying it over and over in my head. Act as though it were impossible to fail, act as though it were impossible to fail, repeat.

Failure is a HUGE fear of mine. I know in my past I’ve let opportunities pass me by because of the fear of failure. I look back and am ashamed. Would failing have been so bad? I could have learned something new or had my life move in a different path entirely.

I don’t regret my life at all. I don’t want to give that impression. I don’t always let fear keep me from moving forward. There are times I simply leap forward and don’t think about failure at all.

Maybe I need to adapt that attitude more often. When I have been brave enough I have always seen more success than failure. I think that’s also a fear as well. Being too successful, being too happy or content. Like maybe I don’t deserve it. But how could I not deserve something I worked to achieve?

I’m thinking pretty deep this morning….maybe it’s the cloud cover and the fuzzy feel of the day that has me feeling introspective. Living in perpetual sunshine isn’t as glorious as it sounds. When we get the clouds and occasional rain cloud, that’s when I smile and feel the best.


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