Goodbye 2016, HELLO 2017!

Happy Holidays!!

I know, I know. Someone might be offended but too bad. I like to include all holidays celebrated and because I don’t know every holiday celebrated during this time of year I say Happy Holidays. I have no war with Christmas, except maybe the bad drivers. They do seem to get worse this time of year. Or maybe I just get more impatient. Who knows?

Did everyone enjoy themselves? Did you work? Were you on vacation or just off for a few days?


I had a nice 3 day weekend. I was sick, thank you Emerson, but overall it was a good time for me. It was actually the first year I can remember not crying by the end of the night. In years past no matter what, I was always overcome with melancholy by the night’s end. This year as I went to sleep I was content, stuffy and unable to breath, and happy.

Maybe it’s because my family is complete this year. My husband and I have a beautiful child and get the joy of creating new memories and traditions with her. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the people that mean the most to us, our family. I sent out good vibes to all my friends, hoping they too were spending the holiday with family, surrounded by love.

I have also spent the last week reflecting. How do I want this New Year to play out for me and my family? What steps can I take to achieve my hopes and dreams for the year? What can I do to enlighten and brighten others time spent with me? How can I contribute to my community to make it a better place?

I’m making a list, just like Santa! I’ll be checking it more than twice though. I’ll be checking it multiple times a day and adding to it as much as I can. I want to create goals, both long and short term. I know I won’t be able to achieve each goal this year but that doesn’t mean I won’t start them. I’m awful at procrastinating and that will be #1 on my list. I need to stop with the excuses and just start. It won’t just be physical goals, but mental goals as well.

I must shed my past and embrace the present and future.

Will you be doing anything this year to change your life? Do you see room for improvement?

I look back over the past year and see many times when I created my own misery and sadness because I projected what I wanted instead of communicating. Nothing can change without words and actions. Being compliant and submissive in all things isn’t healthy. It creates resentment, pain and anger for you and those around you. That’s no kind of life.

We all know the adage about life being too short. I’ve learned just how true that is this year.

Enough of the regrets of the past! I’m excited for the here and now, in the future which will be new.

I want to thank all of you that have been with me since I started this blog. I’m still navigating and learning but I know that I have the support of many and that helps me tremendously.

Good luck to us all and let’s end 2016 with love, acceptance and joy.


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