Politics Do Not Define Me

I feel it necessary to make this known. I guess I haven’t been very obvious or forthcoming in my views and I would like to rectify that now.

I am registered as a Democrat. But I do not vote down party lines. As a human, I am a complex being. I do not think on a one dimensional level. My views change and grow just as I do. It is in thinking this way that I assume that others are the same way. Yes, yes I know what is said about assumptions but I think my thought process is valid.


I just so happen to agree more often than not with democratic views but I am by no means a huge supporter of all Democrats. I am not one to blindly follow. I see all politicians as looking out for themselves. The party they belong to doesn’t change that opinion. They live in a bubble, away from the people that elect them season after season

When I am passionate about a politician it is because I respect the person, not the party. I feel like this is being misconstrued by people looking to simply fight with me or hurl insults at me. I don’t have to agree with your opinion, but I do respect it. I rarely feel that I get that same respect in return. More often than not I am faced with scorn or treated as less than. It makes me wonder where people learned manners. Or better yet who taught them that anyone that doesn’t agree with them is wrong.

That’s not the way the world works. Our world is not left or right, black or white. There is such thing as middle ground. Gray does exist. Issues have more than just one side. It is our duty as citizens of this world to listen, learn and grow.

I never expect anyone to agree with me 100%. I don’t agree with others 100%. I doubt it’s even possible. I do give people common courtesy. I try my hardest to understand their point of view. I want to be able to learn and expand my views based on new information. Am I the only one?

Politics always seems to bring out the worst in people. They cannot have a debate or discussion without making it personal. Angry words and sometimes threats of violence are used when people disagree. This isn’t a left or right thing either. Both sides are guilty. They’re so busy making memes, trolling and name calling that they completely lose sight of what they are defending. Issues don’t matter. Policies aren’t important. Compromise is for “snowflakes.”

We teach our children not to bully but then become hypocrites when we engage with strangers online or even friends or family. We do not lead by example, actually we do. We teach our children that it is ok to demean, demoralize and discriminate simply because someone doesn’t agree with us. How embarrassing for us all. Do as I say, not as I do. You can repeat those words over and over but children watch our actions. They only know what they’ve been taught. Let that sink in.

When I stop and think about what I want my daughter to learn from me it brings great clarity. I want my daughter to learn that what she says matters. That it is ok for her to express herself without reservation. To understand that she can get her point across with facts and logic. That you never have to utter a negative, personal attack against someone who views the world differently than you do. I want her to know that people who have alternative views are not her enemy, they are people who have experiences that lead them toward different ideas. They are people she can learn from and hopefully teach as well.


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