Always Check the Diaper!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO….Today I’m going to go lite. My past two posts have been heavy with current events. I care about those issues a great deal but I consider myself to be a happy, optimistic person as well and I don’t let all the unhappiness and unrest completely destroy my little piece of heaven. My family really does center me, they each remind me how important it is to live each moment.

I figured I’d ramble on today and share a story about myself that will hopefully bring you the joy it brought to me.

I won the “Coolest Person in the House” award Tuesday morning. I was in the process of getting ready for work and my daughter woke up. I let her wander around for a bit before changing her diaper. I like to let her wake up a little before I manhandle her these days. She is not the morning person that I am….at all. Anyways, I’m applying that charm I mentioned about and am dazzling her with my awesome ability to yank a diaper off a baby when I realize that I forgot the golden rule. ALWAYS CHECK THE DIAPER FIRST! Completely forgetting myself I yanked that diaper with gusto…and watched the poo smear all over the sheets. Thankfully it was on my husband’s side of the bed. As I try to wrangle my squirming baby by her ankle and wipe her down I’m laughing to the point of tears. My husband comes running in from the bathroom and stops momentarily before letting me know that the sheets need to now be washed…again. For whatever reason my, what I call successful, attempts at cleaning the sheets with the baby wipes wasn’t sufficient for him. Go figure.


This random morning event actually set me up for a rather happy day. I left the house with a smile and laughter still bubbling from my lips. I suppose I also learned a lesson. It’s not the one you think either. Or maybe it is, who knows. But I learned that one tiny event can dictate an entire day. At any point during the day when I was starting to stress out my mind would recall the morning and I would start laughing all over again. I told the story to everyone at work. I have no shame.

DISCLAIMER: Baby wipes are the best invention EVER! They aren’t just for babies and will clean any mess. I don’t know how I survived before learning the magic of the wipes.


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