Do you Influenster?

Has anyone tried Influenster? I randomly came across them on my Facebook feed. I have a few friends that seem to enjoy the free stuff they receive so I figured, me too!!

I love reviewing products, I always post to amazon about all the items I buy and I’m always honest. A long time ago I noticed that people only generally reviewed or commented about something to complain and that bothered me. Good work and or a great product deserves recognition as well. Plus when you find that awesome something, you should share it with others. You never know who has been looking for that same thing.


Anyways, I signed up and have been having a blast! I’ve written reviews on everyday items we use in the house, make-up, foods, drinks, etc. I even linked up my social media accounts and my blog to increase my influence. I’m always looking to try new things and ways to utilize my blog. What better way! I won’t get paid but I will get to use products and share them with you. That’s exciting to me. I already review on amazon so why not expand on that?

They have EVERYTHING! Just as an example. I reviewed Twix candies yesterday. I LOVE Twix! I get craving for it and send my husband text with threats of harm if I don’t get one. It’s all joking of course but he always gets me my Twix. The point is, you can review just about anything.

You can also get coupons, win prizes, create wishlists and ask questions or give answers to other consumers.

This is only day 2 for me as a new influenster but I’m excited to see what comes of it, if anything at all. No matter what I think it will benefit me. I’ll get to write more reviews, which allows me to write more in general, and hone my skills.

I should also mention that Influenster has an app on itunes and the playstore. It’s easy to use and accessible anywhere. There’s no reason not to try.


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