Mommy’s Got a Hobby…Sort of

As I emerge from my first year as a Mom I decided to do something for myself. The plan was/is to develop a new hobby that would be about me.


It began during pregnancy. Last year my mother in law got me a sewing machine and I was so excited at the possibilities. I was going to sew when the baby was asleep, playing with her Dad or on walks with my Mom but of course none of that ever happened. I spent my time watching her sleep, watching my husband play with her and going on the walks. I don’t regret it.

Fast-forward to now, baby is 11 months old and only thinks she needs me when she’s startled herself or can’t see me. Go figure. Anyways, I have removed the sewing machine from its box and set up a little crafting corner in my room. At this point, all I’ve done is sew lines in to miscellaneous pieces of fabric. I had no idea I would need all these other stuff to even get started!

Feeling slightly dejected I am now searching out sewing kits, rotary cutters, self-healing cutting mats,  snap fasteners, batting,  interface, etc. Hobbies are pricey aren’t they! I know that once I have everything I’ll be a happy lady but for now I’m slightly salty.


I’ve decided on my first project though! This hobby is about me but me now includes my daughter. With that in mind I decided on door latches and bibs. You can never have enough bibs…..NEVER!! The only time my daughter isn’t drooling is when she’s sleeping.

Door latches are also a must. My little lady has discovered in the last few weeks that doors do more than just swing back and forth, they also close and latch. SHOCKING right! She loves nothing more than to go into the bathroom and/or her room, close the door and get into everything she shouldn’t. We have one door latch already that we keep on our bedroom door, this is her favorite door, but I’m cheap and don’t think $12 for a door latch is worth it, not when I can do it myself. Becoming a mom has made me crafty!

So the plan is to buy items each week until I have all that I need. Does anyone have any ideas about where to purchase the best product for the best price? I’ve learned already that sewing requires patience and for me that’s a good thing. I feel like I already have a good deal of patient but as my Mom reminded me when stepping on the peddle, before I sewed my first line, the machine isn’t my car and I can’t stomp on it. I need to be slow and steady.

Maybe this is the perfect hobby for me. I just might learn more than I thought possible from sewing.


6 thoughts on “Mommy’s Got a Hobby…Sort of

  1. I love sewing and used to make all my own and my children’s clothes when they were young, but everything is so expensive these days. It is a great hobby though and I hope you will enjoy it. Things you make will become treasured items.

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  2. Hi LizaJane,
    I’m new to the blogging group but am a lifelong sewer (my grandmother taught me) and I’d be happy to pass on any tips. My biggest tip is the American Sewing Guild. It’s cheap to join, full of older ladies who sew and love to pass on their knowledge, and love younger members. The freebies you get at meetings more than cover membership fees. (Elvy Howard is my pen name – in the blogging group, I’m Lenette)

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