#BookReview: The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

A vivid and mesmerizing novel about the extraordinary woman who married and worked with one of the greatest scientists in history.

What secrets may have lurked in the shadows of Albert Einstein’s fame? His first wife, Mileva “Mitza” Marić, was more than the devoted mother of their three children—she was also a brilliant physicist in her own right, and her contributions to the special theory of relativity have been hotly debated for more than a century.

In 1896, the extraordinarily gifted Mileva is the only woman studying physics at an elite school in Zürich. There, she falls for charismatic fellow student Albert Einstein, who promises to treat her as an equal in both love and science. But as Albert’s fame grows, so too does Mileva’s worry that her light will be lost in her husband’s shadow forever.

A literary historical in the tradition of The Paris Wife and Mrs. Poe, The Other Einstein reveals a complicated partnership that is as fascinating as it is troubling.


I receive this book from NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Landmark in exchange for an honest review.

The Other Einstein, by Marie Benedict is definitely worth the read. It’s easy to forget that even when women were repressed in ways that modern women can’t understand that there were strong, intelligent women who lived and thrived.

I enjoyed the book immensely. I was fascinated by this woman who history seemed to forget or rather acknowledge as one of the greatest minds of the time. From the beginning you can feel Mileva’s strength and conviction. She is more than her gender. She is a woman with a mind.

Due to an aesthetic issue it is drilled into Mileva’s from early on that love will not find her, that her best option is to be smart on hopes of attracting any man at all. That really angered me when I read it but given the time and expectations of society I can see where her family was coming from to an extent.

When you are introduced to Einstein in this book you meet a man that seems to lack tact. His brilliance has always been rewarded, in my opinion because of his gender, so he does what he wants and says what he feels with no regard. He is smart but I felt the Mileva was smarter. Where he lacked focused she had an overabundance. You can see where the attraction started for him.

I always suspected that Einstein wasn’t the person that history has created through its rosy lens and was happy to see that Marie Benedict was able to bring that to together in this book. It actually made Einstein more human for me.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. It’s a clever and insight read.


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