It’s SEW Hard!


Why did nobody give me warning?!?! I expected a slight learning curve (See left-handed and always backwards) but it was WAY more than that, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

I’ll admit, trying to make a bib as my first project wasn’t the best idea. I did have the best intentions though, really! I think there were just too many curves and not enough straight lines. My giddiness to make something amazing superseded everything else. My logic was very unrealistic. I have learned my lesson.

In order to salvage my bruised ego I stepped away from the machine, played with my fantastic 11 month old daughter and allowed myself to chill out. After about an hour I went back to the machine with renewed confidence. I was going to make something DAMMIT! I would not let this machine defeat me. RAWR!

I decided this time I would start small. I would create and conquer the binkie holder! It’s all straight lines, easy peasy….right? Well, no but so much easier that the bib and great practice for me. The stitching isn’t straight, some of the fabric is crooked but all in all I think my effort was solid, for a first timer.

Collage 2017-03-05 17_08_45

It revitalized me, it gave me the confidence to practice and try some more holders and even some door latches!

I also developed a plan. As the Mom of an extremely active 11 month old I can’t devote hours to anything, EVER! So, I will be cutting the fabric during the week after her bedtime and prepping the materials. On Saturday or Sunday I will scrape out an hour if I’m able to sew. I will also not hold myself to unrealistic expectations.

I have reminded myself that nothing happens overnight and nobody is a professional in the beginning. It is up to me to practice and practice and practice in order to perfect this craft I have chosen.


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