Influenster: #CharmVoxBox

Influenster update!!

So I’ve been doing influenster for about a month now, right? I’ve done about 30 reviews on different brands and feel like I’m honing my writing skills in the process. I’m able to think about what draws people to a product and what I want to know before making a purchase myself.

Anyways, about 2 weeks back I learned that I was to receive a Charm VoxBox from Influenster in exchange for honest reviews across social media. I was and am beyond excited! FREE STUFF and I get to give my opinion….SCORE!!!!! #Influenster #IGotItFree

The first thing I tried was the perfume. Its Vera Wang’s Embrace collection, you can buy it anywhere for around $20. I tried the Green Tea and Pear Blossom and gave my mom the Periwinkle and Iris. We both loved them!! They smell expensive and keep their scent all day. I enjoyed the Green Tea and Pear because it seems youthful and fun. My mom liked the Periwinkle and Iris because it’s subtle and not over-powering. I’m pretty picky about my smells so I’m pleased and honest when I say that I’ll be purchasing this collection to add to my stash.


I haven’t worn nail polish since my daughter was born. I worried about sticking my fingers in her mouth and having her ingest the polish (New mom crazy) but I figured that at this point I needed to stop being a wuss and jump back into my love of nails and nail polish. The problem was I wasn’t happy with the colors I currently own, isn’t that always the case? So imagine my joy when my voxbox came with Wet N Wilds new 1 Step Wonder Gel line!! I’ve wanted to try gel polish for some time so I got started right away. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! The color is outstanding! It went on really smooth, no bubbles and dried quickly. I did two coats and it was perfect. It’s over a week later and I still have the polish on with no chips. The polish still has a shine and has gotten me tons of compliments. I can’t wait to buy more colors.

Next on the list was the shampoo and hair mask from Eva-NYC. I’ve been searching for a new hair care line for over a year now. After giving birth my hair seemed to change and require stronger conditioning to keep from drying out and looking dull. I decided to try this on the weekend so that if I was disappointed I wouldn’t have to spend my work day with shitty hair. I’m so happy that I wasn’t disappointed in the least! The shampoo gives you this deep clean that actually feels clean. The smell is subtle and pleasant. I didn’t need to use more than a quarter size amount to get the bubbles and lather working. It washes out well and you could be done there if you wanted. Since I had no plans of stopping there I moved onto the hair mask. This was my first hair mask so I had no expectations. I used the same amount as I did shampoo, a quarter size. I worked the mask into my hair and left it on for the full 5 minutes. The smell is the same as the shampoo so it was nice. I liked that right away I could feel a silky texture to my hair and that it wasn’t being weighed down by the conditioner. After washing it out and putting a towel on my head let it dry for a few moments then did a reveal to myself. I was shocked!! My hair was actually bouncing! I hadn’t even combed it or done anything more than remove the towel. It felt weightless! I will tell you now, I did a happy dance!! Finally a haircare line that showed promise. I’ve been using it for a week now and have gotten compliments on how shiny my hair looks. The line is super affordable and can be purchased on amazon, Costco, Ulta, and Target.


The voxbox also contained a sample apple sauce pouch from Mott’s. This gave me the most hesitation. I’ve read the story and seen the pictures of mold and whatnot growing in these pouches. I made sure the check it over thoroughly before letting my daughter try it. At one years old she couldn’t tell me what she thought but she did enjoy making a mess. She did seem to like it. Because I’m not a fan of the pouches I can tell you that I won’t be buying these at all but it was good to try. I do think that if they started using a clear pouch that some of the stigma would be removed from “What’s really in the pouch?”


Finally this morning I tried the Peeps. They’re Coconut Peeps with a chocolate dipped bottom. I really didn’t want to try these, at all. I’m not a marshmallow fan. I worried that the coconut would overpower everything. The one saving grace was that at least the chocolate was dark chocolate. That I love. Well, the verdict is in….they’re so-so. The coconut wasn’t overpowering but the chocolate lacked that dark chocolate taste, I would have thought it was semi-sweet. The marshmallow was…well marshmallow. It was soft and chewy. I’ll say that if you like any of the ingredients or like Peeps then you’ll enjoy this little treat.


I still need to try the McCormick Organics taco mix but something tells me I won’t be disappointed.


I’m delighted to have taken part in this Charm VoxBox and look forward to doing more. If you haven’t signed up for Influenster yet I suggest you head over now, what do you have to lose?


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