#BookReview: Surviving Faith (The JackholeS #2) by Joy Eileen

Faith valiantly tries to deny her explosive attraction to Kill. She finally caves into him when a frightening run-in with her ex, causes her to reevaluate her need to stay away. And she can’t help wondering why she took so long. Kill is everything she’s always wanted in a man, except he’s about to be famous.
Now that she has accepted him, can she keep him? Or will her crippling fears get the best of her?

Kill knows that he has a lot of work ahead of him to break through Faith’s walls. He didn’t expect her to put up such a tough fight.
With his imminent stardom looming, he has to make a choice. Should he continue to fight for Faith’s love and trust, or should he let her go and live his dream without the woman he loves?

Surviving Faith is the second installment of the JackholeS series.


I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Be warned now…Surviving Faith is the perfect title for this book, thanks Joy! You’ll feel like a champ to have survived the reading with all your hair intact. The highs are so high that you’re twirling and dancing like you have no sense. The lows are so low that you learn just how flat the ground is when your face is pressed against it.

It’s the perfect follow up to Breaking Faith. You delve right into what you want and expect to happen next. That’s the high. You also get the infuriating low that is relationships. We all deal with it at some point but having to read it and watch it slowly unfold in your head is downright debilitating.  Isn’t it funny how we’re all so smart when it isn’t us?

This is said with all of the characters and relationships in this series, not just Faith and Kill. Since starting this series I’ve always found the relationships, romantic and otherwise to be so real.

Joy Eileen is a true master of storytelling. I want to go hang out at Ray’s with these people! I want a spot by the stage to swoon over the chemistry created when Kill and Faith sing. I want to hear Jet ring the bell when he graces us with his presence. I’m a total fan-girl.

There were some plot points that had me blazing through my kindle so fast I’m surprised my phone didn’t catch fire. I knew in my gut what was going on and it killed me that certain characters were either blind or in denial.

Surviving Faith had me on pins and needles the entire time, and that’s a good thing. I so love that Joy Eileen is the type of writer that can bring stories to life. It never once felt like I was reading a book. It was more like I was one of Faith’s friends and it was all unfolding in front of me.

The ending had me slamming on the breaks, I was like WAIT!!!!!!!!!! I need more! So there you go, go out and buy the first book, Breaking Faith then do yourself a favor and buy Surviving Faith as well so you don’t have to berate yourself later.

Want to know more about Joy Eileen?

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Breaking Faith

Surviving Faith

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Joy Eileen is a born bibliophile who becomes deeply engaged with her characters, and has devoured more books than she would like to admit. She becomes obsessed with happily-ever-afters, and will read any genre that fulfills that requirement. Evading the library is something she has been known to do, because after befriending the characters returning them would be a heartbreaking event. Books are held hostage on her bookshelf, and any author that makes her ugly cry becomes her sworn enemy. Nicholas Sparks is one of the many on the list of villains.
As a massage therapist, most of Joy’s stories come to her while working. With the sound of classical music, and snoring from a half covered hostage, characters are created. The victim (massage patient) has no idea that while their body is being manipulated, Joy has traveled into distant lands creating landscapes and inhabitants as she goes. Her patients should be wary as sometimes they are pulled into her stories and turned into characters. Hero or Foe? Well, that depends on how they tip.


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