Little Kims Bibs!

Thank you to Little Kims for the complimentary bibs. I received them in exchange for an honest review. No money has or will be exchanged. My review is my own words.

That being said….

I feel like it was an extremely lucky twist of fate that I was scrolling through one of the blog groups I frequent and came across a post asking if anyone was interested in reviewing some bibs for a New York based company.

Being a brand ambassador and/or product reviewer is something I’ve been slowing trying to break into this year. These bibs are my first real shot, so here goes!

I was told to expect them by Friday, April 28, 2017. Sure enough, half way through my work day I got a text from my mom with a picture of a neat little package. To say I was excited would be an understatement! I was ecstatic!! I could not wait to rip the package open and get them on Emerson.


Saturday morning I got my chance. The sun was shining and my girl was literally drooling with excitement at the prospect of going outside. I figured, when better to try one of the new bibs? We would be out and about and the drool is always constant for my professional teether.

The bibs are made of organic cotton and polyester. They’re extremely soft and have a nice stretch to them. I immediately loved that they snap on instead of Velcro, I despise Velcro on bibs. Beautiful and functional, all before putting one on.

I chose what I am going to assume most would identify as boy patterns. I’m not really one to conform to the society standard for baby color coding and do not dress my daughter in strictly pinks and purples. She wears every color and pattern out there. Her favorite color seems to be blue right now anyways so I think I picked the best pack for us.

Sail Boats

We started our day with sailboats! SO CUTE! Emmie didn’t pull or tug on them like she does with her rounded bibs. She just smiled and toddled off after I snapped it around her neck. After a few hours I was really surprised that I hadn’t noticed any drool stains on the fabric. It completely absorbed the drool and didn’t wet her shirt! This is HUGE folks! She also wore it during dinner as well and it caught all the random pieces of food that somehow never reach her mouth. Total win!

After bath time I put on the striped design to prevent the ever present drool from soaking her night shirt. Again, it was extremely absorbent and so stylish. I think she actually enjoyed wearing it.


I was happy to have used two bibs in one day because that gave me the chance to wash them…the real test. I threw them in with all her other clothes, the same way I do all her bibs. After washing and drying them thoroughly I was more than impressed by the lack of shrinkage and how soft the material stayed. I really wish I had discovered this brand and these bibs when my daughter was born. They’re just such a treat.

Overall I would recommend these bibs to all parents of newborns, babies and toddlers. Granted they are a little pricey but for the quality and durability I 100% believe that it is money well spent.

Gumdrops & Love

To learn more and to purchase these outstanding bibs visit.

As a special treat to my readers Little Kims is offering 20% off your purchase using the code BIBS20OFF1 at checkout.

A ginormous thank you again to Little Kims for allowing me the opportunity to use and review this truly wonderful product.


4 thoughts on “Little Kims Bibs!

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure how well my daughter would like them. She’s one you know, so that’s practically 21 lol she’s got no time for baby stuff but she really likes these. I think its because they look so different from her other bibs.

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