Go be a victim somewhere else…

I really try to accept everyone for who they are, I really do. But when a person plays the role of constant victim or the perpetual martyr I’m become enraged.


I have no empathy, sympathy or tolerance for it.

I firmly believe you either allow yourself to be a victim or you don’t. We ALL grow up and experience less than ideal circumstances. That does not mean that moving forward that everyone around you gets to suffer.

I find that people who enjoy the status of victim to be selfish. It’s always all about them and how horrible life has treated them. It is NEVER their fault. Heaven forbid they be accountable for anything. If they were then they would also be responsible for improving themselves. Where is the fun in that?!?!

Instead the wallow in pity and create toxic environments wherever they go. Have you even worked or lived in close quarters with someone like this? It’s suffocating isn’t it? Walking on egg-shells and watching every word you say. Jus typing it out and putting myself in the moment causes me to boil inside.

I can take me time to cool off after having to interact with people like this because I know better. I know that I shouldn’t give them power over any emotions I have but being the human being I am I cannot always adhere to blocking them out.

When these types of people are confronted they once again are victims. They list excuse after excuse as to why it isn’t them. It’s everyone else that “forces” them to act and react in the ways they do. If only everyone else would just leave them alone or justify their actions then there wouldn’t be an issue.

Well, that’s not happening with me. I’ve had my share of experiences that could have easily turned me into the victim but I refused. I am not and will never be a victim.


6 thoughts on “Go be a victim somewhere else…

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I can’t stand people like that. There’s only so many times I can feel bad for you before I have to draw the line somewhere.
    Great post!

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    1. It’s been bothering me for some time. It’s someone I work with that refuses to be accountable for herself and her actions. It makes for a hostile and often awkward work environment.

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      1. YAS! That’s exactly how I feel even walking into the building. I know eventually she’ll cause her own dismissal with her attitude but it’s difficult for me.

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