My Favorite Girl

I noticed that it’s been a while since I talked about my favorite girl.

For those that follow me or have enjoyed my posts on being a first time parent this is for you!

Shit is happening fast!

That’s the first thing that pops into my head. Two months ago she was still an infant, that is no longer the case! In two short months my baby left and this toddler took her place! How did that happen?!?!

Emmie is now walking, talking and just everything!

She’s become this conscious person.

She doesn’t just walk, she runs.

She stops to smell the flowers on her way to the mail box.

She continues to turn her toys upside down to learn the inner workings.

She can say Dad, Mom, Gigi, hi, bye, out, go, so many words!

When she plays with her toy cell phone it cracks me up! She holds it to her ear and just jib jabs.

She’s so gracious as well. She literally offers the food from her mouth to you and is quick to share. I’m so proud of everything she does….well except the whining but I get why she does it.

Her personality is phenomenal! She laughs at jokes and loves her Teen Titans Go. She expresses herself so purely, I envy her that so much.

The discovery of other small people has overjoyed her to no end. We were at the park last weekend and she squealed in delight when the other little girl kept telling her to come play.

My daughter is brave. She trips, stumbles and bumps her head on EVERYTHING and for the most part just shakes it off. Thanks Gigi!

Going to the store has become a chore. She wants to walk herself, screw the cart. That wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t want to stop and touch the floor every few steps!

The world around her is so fresh and new. What I wouldn’t give to be a visitor in her brain. My husband and Mom think it would be terrifying because of how new everything would be. I think it would be fascinating.

One of the greatest things to come with her growth in my opinion is that she now seeks me out for hugs and kisses. She makes the choice to embrace me and return my love. That in itself is a gift I cannot describe.

It keeps cycling over and over in my head how much she has evolved in just two months. What will she be like in another two months? By the end of the year? Her next birthday?!?!

Each day, hell sometimes every hour, I’m impressed by something new my daughter does that she couldn’t do the day or week prior. What a fantastic little creature my child is, you know.

My favorite thing to do at night when she’s falling asleep is to watch her face. I love to study her features, to see the changes in her structure. She will always be Daddy’s clone but she’s also turning into her own person. She’s becoming unique in her looks. It is in those moments that I tear up, I made this person. This little girl is a genetic mixture of me and her father. How amazing is that?


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