Who Has the Power?


Has there ever been someone in your past or maybe someone in your current life that makes you experience emotion beyond reason?

For example, the sound of their voice or the statements they make cause instance anger, frustration or fury?

Are you able to get past it or are you currently in the middle of it and have no escape from these emotions?

What is it about this person or people that make you feel this way? Are they former friends? A random co-worker? A family member?

I’m currently experiencing this situation and I’m finding that I’m more upset with myself than the person and/or people anymore. I’m angry that I’m allowing these toxic, pathetic people destroy my balance, even temporarily.

How do they do it? Why do I allow them to?

I know that as a human being that I am an emotional creature. I know that it would be impossible to completely shut down. If I did that then I would also shut out happy emotions, feelings that bring me joy.

One thing that does help is being able to walk away. To remove myself from the toxic environment and seek solace with people that will help to rid me of the negativity that I take in when I allow the anger to overwhelm me.

Being able to talk about it or to type it out also helps. I’m clearing my mind and body of the vile. Even as I type this I’m no longer angry. I went and found someone (the hubs) to walk with me while I vented and growled. It made a huge difference.

I’m going to use this situation as a lesson. I’m bound to learn something…right? The power is mine.

I just thought of something….is the universe is teaching me how to deal with this fury now so that when my child is a teenager I don’t choke her! hahahahahaha just kidding…maybe…we’ll see, she is my child.


2 thoughts on “Who Has the Power?

  1. Oh, yeah… been there too many times. I decided that my mental health and peace of mind are more important than someone else’s hurt feelings, and started limiting how much interaction I have with certain people. I hate that I’ve had to do it, because it goes against my nature, but when there are people who make your anxiety and depression kick into overdrive, what else can you do?

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