Welcome Back Creativity!

For months now I have been struggling. By nature I am a creative person.

I’m not the most talented person by any means, but when I can create something that makes me happy….well it centers me. It gives me balance.

Despite not feeling inspiration for anything, I have still been picking up little pieces here and there so that when I was ready I would have the materials at hand.

I was really starting to panic. Nothing was catching my interest like before. Not reading, not art projects, not even the random tv shows I love to watch.

Was this a form of depression? I found joy in other things.

I was happy to spend time with my family.

But when I had a free moment all I wanted to do was sit and do nothing. I felt no drive. It scared me.

How long was it going to last? What could I do to resolve it quicker? Should I see a doctor?

I decided to wait it out. I figured since I was aware of it that it meant that I could conquer it on my own. I was mindful and started looking for ways to feel that creative spark again.

I continued to make banners for my weekly emails. I reminded myself that some creativity was still happening. I came up with the idea to send the emails in the first place. That had to mean something. Maybe I just wasn’t feeling the creativity that I was used to, maybe I was evolving.

Whatever it is or was I am now feeling it again. It came back rather naturally. I just felt the need to express. I started an activity board for my girl. It’s not done yet but I think it’s getting there.

Work In Progress

I even dipped my hand back into design. I’m super beginner at it but I love doing it. I made a wallpaper for my desktop at work and one for my boss. I’ve gotten a few compliments and that never hurts.

Wherever you are,be all thereAll You Need is Love & a Dog

Why did I lose my outlet? Is that just a natural occurrence?  Regardless, I’m happy that it’s returned and hope to build on it.

Have you ever had that experience? Have you lost your mojo? What did you do to get it back?


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