#BookReview: The Game by Vanessa Fewings (Book 2, ICON series)

Chasing Icon, the world’s slickest art thief, was the most seductive thrill of London art investigator Zara Leighton’s career…until the clues led her to the man who holds command of her body and heart, Tobias Wilder, an American billionaire with charisma to spare. Her duty to capture him is complicated by the intensity of their passion. Her will to end their connection is tinted with red-hot need to never let him go. 

Tobias’s heists are about more than money and ego. His plot to orchestrate the perfect deception in Los Angeles is destiny. No one—not even Zara—knows the depths of his motivation. And no one suspects the truth behind a single artifact that holds the secrets to an entire civilization. Forced to deny one calling to satisfy another, he knows something must be sacrificed: his code of honor or his loyalty to Zara.


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

**POSSIBLE SPOILERS** Please read book one before continuing. I really try to never give spoilers but the review in itself is a spoiler being that its book two.

I’m not even sure where to start. The second book in the ICON series, The Game, by Vanessa Fewings is beyond heart-stopping. I raced through the book I had to know what would happen next! Then when I read it I was buzzing with excitement. The suspense is enough to cause some serious heart palpitations.

Zara has ventured into unknown terrority and you want to scream at her. “TURN BACK!” but it’s too late. It was too late the moment she met Tobias.

In the second installment of the ICON series we pick up a week after book one has ended. Zara is heartbroken and determined. She will stop ICON, even if it costs her the love of her life. Can she stop him and keep him at the same time?

Tobias is nearing his end game and has one more heist to pull off until he can rest. Is he pushing the limits? Will this be his downfall?

The continued chemistry between Zara and Tobias keeps you rooting for them from beginning to end. They are exactly what the other needs to grow, let’s just hope they both see that as well.

I love that the story is international. Book one was in the UK and now book two is in the US. It adds such depth when a writer can travel the globe and bring you along for the ride.

In this book I grow to love Tobias for who he is as a person. In book one I didn’t really know if I could trust him and I still don’t but I accept him. He’s a strong character and will only continue to grow.

Zara is so head strong and hurt from her past that I can only hope that book three will bring her peace. She deserves it.


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