Want to be my friend?

How do you start socializing a 16 month old? An only child? Any kid?

I have no idea where to start, or rather I didn’t but after talking with my friend Nick G I’m getting a better idea. He made some great suggestions and I’m going to follow up and research some ideas. Finding a swim class sounds really fun. My ninja LOVES water! I truly believe she’d live in the tub or the kiddie pool in our back yard if I let her.

Is this just an only child issue? Is it because I’m not a social person and have no friends with small children?

My insecurities rear their ugly heads. If I had tried harder to maintain friendships over the years or if I weren’t scared to death to try and make new friends this might not be an issue. Regardless of what is it, it’s something I am now having to face head on. I only hope I can succeed.


Would it be easier if I knew a circle of moms in real life? Where do these circles congregate? Are they friendly? Is it me? I know I have a mean case of resting bitch face. And I can be a bitch. I accept that.

Are mom circles open to new members? Is there an interview or are there requirements to join? I’m being sarcastic but it feels very overwhelming to begin to think about how to access these women and their kids to help my child learn to socialize.

We went to the aquarium at a local casino this weekend and I was really on guard. There were other kids huddled together and enjoying each other’s company yet when Emerson approached them they seemed cautious. Is she too friendly? Is she lacking social grace from the start? Do kids even think of these things?

What’s funny is that Emerson had a great time. Looking at people, running from us toward the flashing lights of the slot machines (don’t worry folks, we kept her from spending too much…HA!), and petting a doggie she spotted. The owner’s daughter was especially kind, she rubbed Eme’s back and told her it was safe to touch the dog. It made my heart squeeze so tight.


My kid is also a homebody like her parents. When we got home she was thrilled to see the living room! She squealed and touched all her toys. So I feel conflicted. I want to get her out there and meeting kids yet I don’t want to take her away from her comfort zone just yet. I think she deserves to help navigate those waters.

Is this just the beginning of what it feels like to want for your child? It’s terrifying, scary and exhausting. I understand now why my friends with older kids have grey hair.


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