#BookReview: Becoming Faith

The JackholeS are back…
In the explosive ending to Faith and Kill’s roller coaster love story, Faith has finally surrendered to the inevitable conclusion that she was meant for Kill.
Her acceptance came at the perfect time, because the JackholeS are on their way to LA to record their chart-breaking album.
But LA and their burgeoning fame comes with another set of obstacles.
With a bitchy label representative hellbent on tearing them apart, a twitchy assistant who does more harm than good, and Kill’s mysterious phone calls he refuses to ignore, nothing is what it seems.
Can the JackholeS keep their family safe while rising to stardom?
Can Faith prove Kill owns her trust before it’s too late?
And the one person who can tear them apart could be lurking close by…. 


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I have no idea where to start. Becoming Faith, by Joy Eileen, is delicious from beginning to end. There wasn’t a single time during the entire read that I felt the need to set the book down.

You have Faith and Kill, who have battle internal and external demons since they met and no e of that has stopped them. Between Faith’s toxic and abusive past relationship and Kill’s conditional love upbringing you knew in book one that this would be one hell of an adventure.

What I loved about this book and what I love about Joy Eileen, in general, is that this series doesn’t follow a format. Joy will let the reader in on the plot subtly but the character has no idea. They’re just living each day, trying to make it all work.

They’re still dealing with Jason, Faith’s ex but thankfully the story isn’t all about him. He’s not even the major plot. I feel like this was done to show the reader that Faith has moved on, that she is stronger and no longer the victim of the past.

The main story, in what I’m hoping isn’t the final book, in book three is the band. Kill and the JackholeS have achieved stardom! So deserved and well written. Our boys stay true to themselves and their family. You won’t read about the “rocker lifestyle” and if you’ve read the first two book you know not to expect that anyways.

You really get to know Jet a little better and I know I fell in love with him a little more myself. He’s always been the jokester and the ice breaker but that’s all just the exterior. What’s inside of Jet is something else completely. He has dealt with demons in his past and instead of letting them ruin his present and future he just moved on. He chose to be happy. That’s not easy. I look forward to hearing more about him in the future.

The last half of the book is the juiciest! That’s where it all goes down!! I’m never one to give spoilers so don’t look for any, just know that the events that transpire are very real to life and might have you wanting to throw your phone, tablet or book across the room. Please don’t do that.

Definitely run out and buy this book. Hell, buy this series!


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