#BookReview: Tau’s Pride: Sacrifice

Would You Give Up Everything For Love? 
The Pride has made many sacrifices in the name of love and loyalty, but none compare to the ones they face now.
Regina fully embraced the Tau lifestyle to bring her family closer together, yet now it is driving a deeper wedge between her, Harry and Cole. How can she offer the rest of her family the security they need when her own foundation is threatened?
In the most tumultuous adventure yet, Regina and the Pride face an enemy determined to shatter the thin veil separating the Innocents from the supernaturals. Regina realizes her mission is much bigger than defending her family and the land they’ve pledged their lives to.
In order to save the Pride, Regina is forced to choose the ultimate sacrifice—her life to save the others—but is it enough?

Would you look at this cover! *Goosebumps*

I received this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Where do I start? Tau’s Pride, by WendI Kelly and Deborah Dorchack, is the sixth book, but second in the new series, of a saga that closely resembles the turmoil facing us in real life. And by that I mean the internal and external struggles we all face in times of uncertainty.

Looking back at my last review for Tau’s Pride: Storms I noticed that I also asked the question of where to start. Wendy and Deborah have done such an exceptional job at creating this world that just sucks you in and makes you believe. It’s very difficult to know with each review where to start.

This family of characters that continually face obstacles and challenges seems to be never ending but it is never without cause. This latest book really drives home the message of love that this series, as a whole, has made its mantra.

There are still so many internal struggles facing each member of the Pride. Whether it be long held beliefs due to upbringing or society, they cause certain individuals to fight this new way of life which in turn leads to miscommunication and feelings of abandonment. The Felines seem the most comfortable out of all the family members. Drew and Jon were raised in this way of life so it is all very natural to them. I think that is a saving grace for the others as they struggle.

One thing that stands out throughout this book is the struggles to define their lives has caused them to lose sight of the bigger picture. They’re all so busy staring at themselves that they neglected to see the darkness that is threatening to over shadow all the light and love they have tried to bring to the world. Innocents are being awaken in less than friendly ways because evil does not care about the aftermath. The elders are being ignored for expressing their reservations on everything changing so fast. It’s never a good idea to ignore the experience of those who have lived through struggle. I have faith that Regina will be able to rectify this though, she’s a smart woman with strong support behind her.

I’m very curious about Sage and am anxious to see how she will fit into the fold of this family. What is it about her that has Josh on edge?

Xander also continues to be a mystery and an extremely interesting one at that! What does the future hold for him? What is the Apex? What about the tribe he met in the desert? So many questions!

I was definitely on edge as a read this book. I had expectations of what was to come but Wendi and Deborah are always five steps ahead and took paths that were not expected but made the most sense long term. I always look forward to being absorbed into the world of Tau’s Pride.

If you’re new to the series or new to the work of Wendy Kelly and Deborah Dorchak I highly recommend that you delve into their world. You will not be disappointed.

Pick up your copy today on Amazon or your local Barnes & Noble!





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