Las Vegas: Tragedy Embraces Us


As I walked out to my car this morning it was silence. It felt like something was different, tainted. Everyone was mindful on the road. We all were feeling how fragile life could be this morning.

It’s all so senseless.

I’m pissed off. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m devastated. I’m heartbroken.

Being naïve is something that slowly leaves me each year.

I honestly felt that my city was safe. This is Las Vegas. Sin City. I knew that we had been on watch list for possible international terrorism but domestic? Some sad, pathetic man.

I’m sure we’ll hear in the days to come that he suffered mentally. I can understand mental health, I really can, but it doesn’t erase my feelings. This man destroyed more than just his family.

He’s now made Las Vegas, NV infamous. We now hold the traumatizing stigma of the largest mass shooting in US history…for now. I will always hate him for that. I refuse to use his name. He doesn’t deserve to be remembered.

Unfortunately it’s not as easy to ignore the events that have transpired because of his actions.

I’m grateful for the response of the first responders. I’m crying just thinking about it. They arrived on the scene and in the hospitals and haven’t stopped. They kissed their loved ones good-bye and ran toward the chaos. It wasn’t just first responders either.

The people at the Harvest Festival were all looking out for each other. The casino workers ushered people inside. Everyone united to help each other survive. We will never be able to completely thank the selfless acts of each person.

My mind keeps cycling over the fact that over 50 people will never hug or kiss anyone, ever again. Their lives were stolen. I hope they never saw or felt the bullets. I pray they only felt peace. There are over 500 people injured and in the hospitals locally. They will forever suffer.

This country has faced so much turmoil and there never seems to be an end in sight. How much senseless murder must we see on the news before we decide that enough is enough? When do we say that for the good of all people we will stop the bitterness, the anger, the denial? It seems that only when the tragedy is in your face, in your city that you begin to realize that everything else is bullshit.

We either learn to work together or this will just become one more tragedy to add to the list.

As we move forward we will forever carry this scar but we will move forward. That is what we do.

Our county commissioner, Steve Sisolak, has set up a GoFundMe account for all involved. So far, $787,920 has been raised. The love and money pouring in is nothing short of miraculous. If you would like to donate, please click here.




4 thoughts on “Las Vegas: Tragedy Embraces Us

  1. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this. The last report I saw late last night said two dead, and 28 (?) injured. I was horrified when I watched the news at noon and heard the numbers of the dead and injured were so much worse.

    So much pain… so many lost… so much grief. It hurts my heart to think about it. 😢

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