We the People, All people…

Why do I torture myself?

Why do I intentionally read about current events that I know will enrage me?

I’ll tell you why, because I’d rather be inform than be ignorant. I think many public officials should learn that lesson.


I feel like we’re being thrown so much sensationalism that we’re losing what truth is and used to be. We can no longer trust the words written and said because we can’t trust the people that provide the information.

Is this part of a larger plan? Make the people so confused, stressed out and on edge so that we’ll just so that we’ll just continue to fight amongst ourselves, ignoring the issues not being addressed?

I’m started to feel paranoid. What is real? What is propaganda?

How long have we been moving in this direction?

Why are people so quick to believe the insane but balk at the logical?

It seems that we can’t have rationale discord anymore. That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it, but you get what I’m saying. We can’t agree to disagree. We can’t take both sides and reach a compromise. I blame our politicians, the media and we the people.

We obviously enjoy the chaos and uncertainty, we have to, or less why would we continue to elect and re-elect people that we know aren’t working for us? We purposely chose to remain ignorant or in denial, I can’t really tell anymore.

We allow the highest ranking government official to spend his days playing on Twitter. We allow him to throw a constant barrage of garbage at people just to see what sticks. Anything to keep us looking away from the truth, the reality, the real shit.

We all know the truth. We might not like it but we know it. We chose to ignore it in favor of fighting with our “fellow man.” It’s much easier to go online and insult a stranger than to admit that we made a mistake.

History has taught us, and so will the times we live in, that extremist and blind loyalty leads us to destruction. Yet here we are and here we will remain, until someone…multiple someone’s decide to stand up for people. Not liberals, not conservatives, not Christians, not Muslims, not anyone except people. All people, regardless of what you think to be right.

I challenge you all to think outside yourselves. Be mindful and really stop think without making it about you. It isn’t personal. It’s human.


5 thoughts on “We the People, All people…

  1. Ok, so first let me admit that I am guilty of turning off the news for a few days at a time. It depresses me and that takes a toll. I am also guilty of sheltering my children from certain aspects of it (not issues). But I have so much love for your post! While I choose to keep silent on most politics in social media, I strive to stay informed and educated. When my better half asks why I keep subjecting myself to matters that upset me, the above is my answer. Keep doing you 🖤

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    1. I’m the same. I don’t actually watch any news program because I can’t handle to rage I feel at the hosts lol I don’t want their opinion, I just want facts…so I read but that doesn’t always help either!

      I know I’ll struggle as my Ninja ages, how do I inform her without jading her?!

      I have stayed silent in the past but I can’t anymore. I feel like all I hear anymore is people saying they feel oppressed but they’re the ones shouting the loudest. Who is oppressing them?

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  2. *stands up and applauds loudly*

    There aren’t enough stars to show how much I love this post. Well said, my friend. Very well said, indeed. This is why you’re my inspiration for throwing caution to the wind and speaking out, instead of keeping it to myself. 😘

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    1. You just made me stupid smile! Thank You!! I get such anxiety when I make posts and blog about just hot topics. At the end of the day though, I’m tired and done being silent. I am complacent when I say nothing. 💜💜💜💜

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      1. “Stupid smile”… love that! LOL Anxiety is an old foe I know all too well. That has a lot to do with me keeping thoughts to myself, too, but I’m working on kicking its butt!

        And you’re right: bad things happen when good people stay silent about them. Speaking out is a must!

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