Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Human.

With the hustle and chaos that is the holiday season, it’s easy to forget how this time of year affects us all, especially those with mental illness.

Year around people who suffer from mental illness struggle from day to day to hold it together, imagine what that’s like this time of year.


Those of us who don’t suffer from mental illness can get upset and overwhelmed, right? We fight traffic, lines and the weather but we can shake it off. Mental illness does now allow those who suffer to “shake it off.” Their minds work against them.

My family is directly affected by mental illness and this year I’ve been extra mindful. I’m watching for symptoms and signs instead of just getting angry. It’s helped me to gain perspective and empathy and I hope that it has been felt by my loved one.

In dealing with mental illness I’ve learned what a challenge our bodies and minds can to be us. How much of a stigma that truly exist, even with those of us who think we understand.

You can’t understand how the mind turns against you unless you experience it yourself.

Be patient and caring, not just during the holidays but all year long.

When you feel yourself wanting to nit-pick, nag or mumble under your breath at something you perceive is an intentional slight or a personal grievance, step back. Remember that your perception is different than someone with mental illness. You have the ability to stop your thoughts from turning black, they don’t have option.

Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Human.


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