Nu You…By LizaJane


I am so happy January is over. I think I had 7 days off total and 2 of them were due to illness. I’m burnt out. I’m frazzled and I’m overworked. But hey, my check is bigger…thanks to me, we’ll see what happens in February.

I’m hoping in February that I do see an increase in income, I’ve actually joined a business in the hopes that I will make that reality. I’m not depending on the US government to ensure that me and my family prosper. Short term relief in the newest of a tax reform doesn’t make me feel long term relief.

With all that being said, I’ve join the NuSkin company. I joined because someone I trust is also a representative. I’ve researched the science and feel comfortable with the products I plan to sell. This company does not require a quota for monthly sales, I’m not obligated to recruit new members and I can grow and learn at my own pace. What could be more helpful to a mom who works full time?

I’m extremely nervous and slightly overwhelmed with the idea of selling myself and the products NuSkin offers but in the same breath those feelings make me excited. I think it’s healthy to feel fear of the unknown. To feel cautious of success when you don’t feel you’ve been successful in the past.

I’ve created a page on Facebook, please feel free to join it or click the link to go directly to my shop. I will let you know up front, the prices are slightly high. But once you use the product, you realize it’s worth it. I received the liquid lipstick and it’s the best liquid lipstick I’ve used to date. That includes all the ones I’ve received from Ipsy, Sephora, Ulta, etc and I paid around the same price for some of them.


My feeling is that if you feel that you’re worth it then you are, it’s that simple.

I have some more products on the way, I plan to test as many products as I can prior to promoting them. I don’t ever want to lie to any of my followers or future clients.

I’m told that the biggest obstacle in direct sales is learning to sell yourself. You have to learn to find your value and sell that along with your product. I’m extremely excited by that aspect. I’m always looking to accept myself more every day.

I am undecided on whether or not I will use my blog to promote my business. I feel that because I’m trying to move into a more social commentary type blog that featuring my own business might come across as tacky. What are your thoughts?


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