What’s LizaJane Listening To? #Audiodramas

The Bright Sessions


ars Paradoxia

ars paradoxica

The Big Loop


Basically AUDIODRAMAS! I’m obsessed! If you haven’t noticed this about me yet, I am someone who can become hyper focused on a genre, topic, hobby, etc when first introduced. I’m what you would call an “addictive personality”, it’s a strength and a weakness.

The Big Loop is a fairly new podcast by the creative genius that is Paul Bae. Every two weeks a new story is told by a talented actor you’ve probably never heard of before but someone you’ll want to learn more about after the episode. Each story is unique and will blow your mind on so many levels. I still think about the December 12th episode All God’s Children.

Anyways, I was listening to the Jan 8th episode, Goodbye Mr. Adams. It’s about a boy who falls under the influence of a very special teacher and is taught an unexpected lesson. The man who voiced the young man is Briggon Snow. If you’ve never heard of him, I highly suggested you finish reading this post and go visit his website. He’s extremely talented. At the end of the episode, when they read the credits, they mention the actors and their current projects. That’s where I heard them mention The Bright Sessions.

I downloaded the podcast immediately. Anything that Briggon Snow was a part of was something I was interested in exploring further. BEST DECISION EVER! I was hooked half way through the first podcast. I’m pretty sure I binge listened in less than 2 weeks. It’s a sci-fi audio drama about people with supernatural abilities.

You get sit in on their therapy sessions and learn what it is to be “Atypical.” With each episode you learn more and more about each patient, their daily lives and the secrets they sometimes don’t even know about themselves…It’s so GOOD!! THANK YOU LAUREN SHIPPEN!!

At some point they do a cross over episode of sorts with ars Paradoxia. This is how I became obsessed with them gem of a show. It’s also a sci-fi audio drama.

It was at this point I realized I really enjoy the sci-fi world. It makes sense, I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, Black Mirror, Battlestar Galactica, a few of the Star Trek franchises, The 100, The Flash, Arrow, you get my drift.

ars Paradoxia described as being a story about people searching for meaning in a universe that aggressively lacks one, and who occasionally find the next best thing in those around them.

It’s also about the way power corrupts. When you’ve got a time machine and the backing of the most powerful nation on Earth, you start to get the idea that you can always tilt the scales in your favor, but there is cost and consequence for every action.

Above all, it’s about science, America, and the deeply human desire to fix our mistakes.” On their website. I have to agree and also say that it’s so much more as well. It’s hard to find the right words to describe just how complex and exciting this show is and continues to be. Being the voyeur in Sally Grishom’s life is so addicting. I seriously want to be her BFF, I feel like I have a similar personality so I get her. Mischa Stanton is one of the creators of this phenomenon, their talent is boundless. They have helped shape two worlds and stories that open up your imagination.

All three shows have very active and responsive twitter pages. Once you fall in love, go say hello and also leave them a review. It’s the best way possible to ensure that new people learn about each show.

With both of these shows being on hiatus (insert ugly crying face here) I’ve been forced to seek out more audio dramas. Today I’ll be starting Wolf 359, it was recommended by twitter fans of all three of shows. I’m excited and look forward to meeting these new characters. I’ll update you later and give you my thoughts.

That’s it for now. I’ll say farewell for now and wish you all the best. Now, go download a podcast app or use the one on your phone and get to binging!


6 thoughts on “What’s LizaJane Listening To? #Audiodramas

    1. I recommend overcast if you have an android. I do believe iphones have a built in podcast player. If you do join the podcast world, please let me know. I have so many recommendations!!!


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