Have We Had #Enough Yet?

In a facebook group we were asked our opinion on the most recent shooting. The post used Columbine as an example and also reference bullying. When I responded, I had no idea that I would have so much to say. I tell you this to provide a preface for the post below:


Ok, so here are my thoughts and opinions on this topic.

I agree with previous comments, we’re learning or have learned that Columbine wasn’t caused by bullying. Well, not bullying of shooters. The main shooter was a bully himself, his accomplice was a boy with mental illness that craved acceptance. That’s what I’ve perceived from what I’ve read at least.

I’ve seen meme that talk about putting unemployed and/or homeless vets in our schools, armed. No thank you, those men and women suffer from mental illness from combat. I don’t want even the possibility that a student or school staff member could trigger a trained solider, armed.

I’ve seen the memes about “If you spanked you kids, this wouldn’t happen.” I ask this, explain every serial killer in US history, just US. Did physical abuse prevent or create Aileen Wuornos, The Zodiac Killer, The Hitchhikers’ Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Dennis Raider, etc. The list is long. Mental and physical abuse could have very well made those people into the killers they became.

I don’t think spanking a child prevents future violence, I think it actually numbs a child to it in a sense. I personally always felt humiliated after I was spanked, I didn’t at all remember why I was spanked, that didn’t matter.

I feel that we’ve all become complacent. These shooting have become the norm. We provide thoughts and prayers but no action. When someone is more worried about not having a gun as opposed to whether or not that laws allow for someone mentally ill or not to commit horrendous act, we got a problem. The values and morality have gone into the dumpster fire that is this decade.

We are supposed to be a country that leads the world, yet we can’t lead our own nation. We allow small factions to dictate to the masses. We focus on everything but the solution.

“The Government wants my Gun!!”

Are you mentally unstable? No, keep your gun.

Have you gone through training on gun safety and responsibility? Do you continue to keep certified yearly? Keep your gun.

Does it make you mad that you’re expected to attend said training and to pay yearly to be certified but you’ll pay for multiple guns? No gun for you. Be mad, if you can spend money on guns and ammo you can spend money on being a responsible gun owner.

Blaming mental health is new. I don’t remember one word about mental health being mentioned on a national level during Columbine.

I personally feel that it’s become a political toy. One side, for YEARS, refused to even acknowledge mental health and now they use it as a weapon. It’s not a gun control issue, it’s a mental health issue. Bullshit. It’s a more than that and we all know it.

This goes beyond just school shooting. It’s at concerts, movie theaters, walmarts, everywhere. I’ve recently began to think that these mass shooters are no different than suicide bombers. I may be wrong in my line of thinking but it’s something I think about recently.

It also is a race issue. If this boy were anything but White this would be a different story. He would have been shot died in the McDonald’s where they found him. The police would have “feared for their lives”, yet in this instance, they remained professional and the boy was escorted safely to jail. I mentioned this to a few friends, they felt awkward but couldn’t tell me I was wrong.

We have multiple factors in our current society, in my opinion, that allow for this to continue to happen. I really hope this is our “ENOUGH” moment but I hope that every time.

Anyways, there’s my take. I’m sure I missed something or didn’t explain myself well enough in certain areas. I’m open to discussion, so ya know. Ask me anything


4 thoughts on “Have We Had #Enough Yet?

    1. I don’t understand it either. I don’t understand the maniac idea that “the government is after your gun.” NEVER is our history as a nation has the government ever tried to collectively take guns from gun owners. Its propaganda crap.

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  1. I am a Canadian and we have gun control laws that do the things you mentioned. We also have a universal medical system that assists with treatment of mental illness. I totally agree with what you have said. I also do not understand why any citizen needs a semi-automatic rifle. What are they planning to do with it? I don’t think it is for hunting. My heart cried when I saw the pictures and heard the stories of all the victims. Young kids just starting their lives and teachers just doing their jobs. It is time the people who control the laws make some to save their citizens instead of filling their war chest. I am in Florida for a few weeks and the shooting was not too far from where I was staying last month, that was another scary issue. Let’s put lives before money for a change, if not, vote in people who will. Thanks for posting this.

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