Have you tried LipSense?

Keep the changes coming!

On February 22nd I decided to take a leap. No, not off a bridge but into my future. I decided to become a distributor for SeneGence. There are a company founded in the United States that sells everything from LipSense to skincare.

Luxe Lips & Leggings wLiza

Starting this side venture changed my life. I have this phenomenal support team who is there day and night to answer all my questions. They encourage me to be the best me and it feels so good!

In fact, it’s felt so right that I’ve not had one moment of doubt. I didn’t feel that way with my other short venture into the Direct Sales world. That’s ok though, I learned what I was looking for and what I was willing to do to change my life. Everything is about learning and growing, right?

I’ve gained a new outlook. My life is moving in a direction that I am fully embracing. I’m more confident. I am learning to spot trends, how to better engage my clients and most importantly…I’m loving every minute.

I’ve been afraid of sales my entire professional career. An early experience into the work force left a bad taste in my mouth and left me convinced that all sales people were liars. I’m not a liar and so I stayed away from sales. I think I stunted myself for many years.

With Direct Sales, I’m in control. I use the products I pitch and believe in the quality of what I sell. The LipSense does exactly what it says it will do. It stays on for 4-18 hours and I can drink, eat and be merry without worrying about my make-up. That may seem petty, but I take pride in my appearance and looking my best is important to me. It gives me the confidence to be me.

I started a group on Facebook, Luxe Lips with Liza, you’re welcome to come visit. I post frequently, I want to keep you up to date on all the happenings!!

It gave me such confidence that I also joined the Legging Army!! Beautiful, high quality leggings that won’t break the bank!! I watched my friend Katina make her mark this last year and I decided that it was now or never.

The LipSense is working so well, why not add to my brand? It worked out perfectly, I kept thinking about the leggings more and more each day, then all the sudden, they had a one day deal! Join FREE for one day only, I couldn’t say no!

It is still about making people feel their best. I wear the leggings myself, why not share them with others? So I created Luxe Leggings with Liza! Great name, right!

I originally planned to keep it all separate but then I got to thinking. Why make it all secret and separate. I’m proud of both companies and am not embarrassed to be associated with either. I want everyone to love LipSense and Legging Army as much as I do. So please, feel free to join either group and to ask me about all my collections. I’m happy to share!

In looking toward the future, I can only see positive things happening because I am willing to take the steps needed to better myself. I am creating a light for myself to shine in, and I couldn’t do that without support from my family, friends and all of you!


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