#NationalWalkOut #ISupportYou

One month ago.

It’s been one month since 17 people lost their lives to yet one more school shooting.

Since 2012, 7000 students have lost their lives in school shootings. Let that sink in. That’s just five years. That’s a blink in time. 7000 lights have been snuffed out.

No progress to stop it has been made…until now.


Today, children all over the US participated in a 17 minute walk out. They have had enough. They are not being protected by the adults put in place to protect them, so they’re taking matters into their own hands.

I cannot begin to tell you the emotions that build in my body when I think about how powerful this generation of future voters are to the present and the future. These “children” are tired of the platitudes, the prayers and the tears. They want action and they demand we take a stand.

They aren’t worried about what side of the aisle a politician sits on, they aren’t worried about campaign dollars, but they’re worried about their lives.

I watched students this morning on my local news express, in such intelligence and grace, why they would be participating in the walkout. I was moved to tears. I truly believe that these kids will succeed where we, the adults, have failed. They refuse to accept our failures anymore.

I made a post on my personal page about how much I support these young activist, we all need to acknowledge and stand with our youth. They have been raised by a generation that, while passionate and socially aware, still lacked the courage and ambition to fight for real change.

We have instilled in them a fire, one that we have not allowed previous generations to douse with water. Their flames are strong! They ignore the critics, the naysayers, the organizations that try to use their age against them. These people will learn, age is on the side of the young.

They are not alone. Nickelodeon publically supported these young leaders! That’s HUGE!! They took a stand and decided that our children are important. That their lives matters. That politics isn’t more important than their lives. They aren’t alone. BET, MTV, and Comedy Central also suspended programming, this is the kind of support we need to see! These are Viacom companies, I don’t know if that makes a difference or not but I strive to provide transparency in my posts. Viacom is putting their money and their reach in the fire. Critics be damned, history will show them on the wrong side of culture shift.

I’m not normally one to praise the media. I think they help contribute to the problem by sensationalizing shootings and constantly saying the name of the shooter. This is changing but at a slow pace. I refuse to ever name a shooter. I prefer to remember the victims, they are the ones that are forever lost to us.

This is not about taking away guns. I’ve personally never seen or read at any point in history where laws were enacted to take away guns. Common sense and gun safety should go hand in hand. We have some of the lightest gun laws on this planet. We have higher gun ownership than any other country and we have more public shootings. This isn’t a coincidence.

We do not provide the CDC with funding to study gun violence, we actually made it illegal. How is that even possible? In 1996 the Congress stripped funding because the NRA accused the CDC of promoting gun control. Why does the NRA have such power? Why do they get to dictate laws, despite public outcry for the exact opposite? Yes, funding was given again in 2013, after Sandy Hook, yet we have seen no change. If you’re interested in further studies on this, please read The Dickey Amendment. The man who sponsored this amendment now opposes his initial beliefs. It is possible to change, if you want.

At the end of the day it all comes down to our morals and values, not our political affiliation. Do we value life? Do we value our youth? Are we ok to allow the NRA and pro-gun lobbyist to tell us what our morals should be? I don’t think about Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd amendment with the idea of automatic weapons being used to kill our kids.


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