Hope, Faith, Country

Donald Trump has been in office 1 year, 96 days, 21 hours and 42 minutes as I write this sentence. My heart and my sense of country is heavy with sadness and doubt.


I’ve been interested in politics since my senior year of high school. I had a teacher than really impressed upon me the importance of knowing your rights as a citizen of the USA. I have never felt as proud of my status as an American until I entered her classroom. She changed my world. I will forever be grateful to her opening my eyes to the world around me. Thank you Ms. Snively!

I say all that to say this. I’m still not recovered from the election. I still tear up when I think about how that night has changed this country. We are even more divided than ever. Every day on the news we see some new scandal and nobody cares. I keep hearing “Well, we knew we weren’t electing a Pope.” And I want to scream! Obviously we weren’t electing a Pope but as citizens it is our duty to elect officials we can respect, even when we disagree with the choices. I have no respect for the man occupying the White House and it breaks my heart.

When I was a young girl and the Clinton scandal was rocking this country I was confused how something like that could even happen. Monica Lewinsky was destroyed, mocked and ridiculed. To this day her name is shrouded in shame and its bullshit. Congress impeached and was willing to remove the president from power for personal indiscretion. Why are we not holding the current president to the same standard?

Regardless of the party, I have always had respect for the person elected to run my country. I might not have agreed with every choice they made, for instance, the Iraq War, bailing out the banks “Too big to fail”, etc. but I never had the sense that my present and my future was in jeopardy. There hasn’t been a day since Donald Trump took office that I feel safe.

I will give him credit for this, he is opening our eyes to the fact that we, as a country, are willing to accept utter chaos and destruction as a way of life. Who cares about the future? Who cares about our status as a world power? Isolationists rhetoric, fear and hate propaganda have empowered the lowest of the low, morally speaking, to rise up and shout their vile and disgust. Where are we going as a people?

Maybe these issues weigh on my heart more because I’m a parent. My child was born in the Trump era and that devastates me. I don’t want her to look back and see the shame of this time. I can’t stop that though, she and others will look at this time and then look at us with shame. In the administration prior we saw advancements in civil rights. What is happening to our rights now? We have a president that called for the arrest of a private citizen on his social media, and people cheered. That isn’t democracy.

I think we need to all stop, step back and really look at these political figures that we allow to control this country. The majority of us are moderate people and understand the concept of compromise. Extremism is taking over this country and it’s coming from all sides.

I just keep seeing the movie Idiocy in my head and it’s becoming real life. That is TERRIFYING!

We have a president that has put people in charge of departments where they hold no experience. Why is Betsy DeVoe the Secretary of Education? Is she a teacher? Does she have a degree in child development? What are her qualification? She’s slowly dismantling our educational system. Why is there no outrage? We want our future to be intelligent, we need to properly fund our schools. We need to do away with No Child Left Behind. We need to look at other countries for guidance. We’re falling behind and we are to blame.

Why is Ben Carson the head of Housing and Urban Development? What does a heart surgeon know about housing? He grew up poor so that gives him the qualifications to budget housing for the low income? Have you seen his latest proposal? Single parent homes will be directly affected. The majority of single homes are single mothers. What does this country have against women? Woman don’t give conceive on their own but they are 100% responsible for their offspring. More often than not, mothers are working two or three jobs and the dead beat dad is out making more babies. The cycle is vicious, with no sign of stopping.

Just now, I was on a local politician’s page and each post was slammed with ignorant and trolling post. How do we start a conversation with anyone when there are people out there that enjoy and crave chaos and the destruction of our way of life? Am I being crazy? Do I sound paranoid? Probably but are you surprised? I purposely avoid political pages because of this crap. It makes me angry that these type of people have taken over our politics. Is America great yet? When can we move forward?

This post is taking a turn I don’t want, so let’s take it back in the right direction. What do we do as citizens to take back our country and stop the extremist from distracting the public from the real priorities?

Start at the local level. Get involved. That sounds easy but we know most won’t do that, right? Life gets busy and we all have different priorities. We can get active locally simply by researching each candidate and asking them hard questions. Not accepting political responses. If we refuse to accept the norm and challenge our public servants to be more, to actually work for the people and not the lobbyist, we can start to change.

Let us fight for reform. Who do lobbyist really help? Let’s get rid of them! If an elected official can’t get legislation passed in 8 years, get rid of them! We must start at the state level and work our way to the capitol.


3 thoughts on “Hope, Faith, Country

  1. I am not sure I mentally have it in me to go into full discussion right now, but I love this post 💜 You speak a truth that reaches deep into my heart. It is a change that certainly brings a disheartening realization to light. I hope that as a country and people, we are strong enough to learn and progress after.

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