Good-Bye LizaJane

It is with a heavy but hopeful heart that I say goodbye to LizaJane Chronicles and hello to Luxe with Liza!

Beginning Monday, June 11th LizaJane Chronicles will merge with Luxe Lips & Leggings with Liza.


I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts and to also share my love of books.

It quickly changed into something altogether different. It became my story. It became about me learning that I would be a parent after all, that I do have a more moderate-leftist view of the world, that I have ideals that people value.

I cannot tell you what that has done for me. It has turned me into the person I am and continue to evolve into daily. The blog started a new chapter in my life and that story has evolved and taken me down a path I never saw coming.

I’m chasing my passion, my desire to make people see themselves the way I do. Its beauty and showing all men and women that they are unique, beautiful creatures. I love watching someone’s face when they try my product for the first time. I get excited picking out beauty essentials and showcasing them to my clients. It gives me a thrill I never expected.

I’m not saying good-bye, I saying join me for this next chapter. Continue to follow my journey into a new business and new landscape.

I joined two companies that are helping shape my brand and my goals. I provide a service that is unique to me.

Senegence: A leader in human beauty! Products that are vegan, cruelty free, lead and wax free AND help transform your skin! If you’re interested in learning more. Come see what I offer in my group or on my page!

Legging Army: For the person who wants comfort, style and variety without breaking the bank! They patterns change all the time and the sizes and selection are just the best. Check out the group and the page!

I will also be updating the website in the near future to keep you all up to date on my happenings.

I’m so incredibly excited about this new future on my horizon. I’ll still do an occasional book review but I will no longer go in depth about current events. I find that I grow weary of the current events at this time. I prefer to focus on what I can control. I will also continue to share stories about myself and my family. It is all a part of my journey and I can’t separate the two.

I sincerely hope you’ll stay with me and enjoy the new format and brand in the coming weeks. I know I’m excited!


11 thoughts on “Good-Bye LizaJane

    1. Thank you Betty!! I was really torn about this. I originally decided I was going to shut down the website all together then just couldn’t do it 🙂 I’ll archive and rebrand. I have no idea what it’ll look like lol

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