Have We Had #Enough Yet?

In a facebook group we were asked our opinion on the most recent shooting. The post used Columbine as an example and also reference bullying. When I responded, I had no idea that I would have so much to say. I tell you this to provide a preface for the post below:


Ok, so here are my thoughts and opinions on this topic.

I agree with previous comments, we’re learning or have learned that Columbine wasn’t caused by bullying. Well, not bullying of shooters. The main shooter was a bully himself, his accomplice was a boy with mental illness that craved acceptance. That’s what I’ve perceived from what I’ve read at least. Continue reading “Have We Had #Enough Yet?”


What’s LizaJane Listening To? #Audiodramas

The Bright Sessions


ars Paradoxia

ars paradoxica

The Big Loop


Basically AUDIODRAMAS! I’m obsessed! If you haven’t noticed this about me yet, I am someone who can become hyper focused on a genre, topic, hobby, etc when first introduced. I’m what you would call an “addictive personality”, it’s a strength and a weakness.

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Nu You…By LizaJane


I am so happy January is over. I think I had 7 days off total and 2 of them were due to illness. I’m burnt out. I’m frazzled and I’m overworked. But hey, my check is bigger…thanks to me, we’ll see what happens in February. Continue reading “Nu You…By LizaJane”

Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Human.

With the hustle and chaos that is the holiday season, it’s easy to forget how this time of year affects us all, especially those with mental illness.

Year around people who suffer from mental illness struggle from day to day to hold it together, imagine what that’s like this time of year.

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