Happy #NationalCatDay

I must celebrate because I love this boy below so very much! I got him as a gift from my husband in 2001 for my birthday and he’s brought me so much love in all these years. He’s always been my boy and is also now my old-man. I couldn’t ask for a better animal and cherish all the days I have with him.




#BookReview – Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Loyalties (BBS #1) by Wendi Kelly & Deborah Dorchak

I was given all four books in the series by the authors for honest reviews. I’ll post each review as I finish each book.

Regina Capalini, abandoned by her parents at age three, and the victim of a heinous crime, has been tossed away by the only Pack she has ever known. She has one last chance to impress her new Alpha, Diego Beauchamp, or be left to fend for herself as a rogue wolf, a sentence that will surely end in death.

Fate intervenes, not once, but twice, and plunges Regina into a fast-paced race against the clock to save the life of the stranger she just met.

In the midst of this harrowing life-threatening rescue, she comes to know five unique people who, in their own quirky and troubled ways, teach this misfit and broken girl the meaning of love, trust and loyalty, making her question everything she ever believed was true.

Together, they create an alliance, a new breed of Pack, one that changes the course of the future forever. Continue reading “#BookReview – Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Loyalties (BBS #1) by Wendi Kelly & Deborah Dorchak”

#TailWaggingTuesday – MEET MOJO!

I didn’t forget my furry friends despite my book review post today. Here is our latest little buddy!

My name is Mojo. Short for Mojo Nixon or Mojo Wojohowitz depending on who you ask. My mom thinks she named me after some 80’s skate punk guy and my dad after some detective in Barney Miller. My kids call me Moj or Schmo. I don’t care just don’t call me late to dinner.

My people rescued me from South Florida Bull Terrier Rescue.. but I think I rescued them. Their other two dogs had passed away and they were lonely. I don’t think they were ready for me though. I am a handful and had learned some bad habits… like cat chasing, barking at nothing in the middle of the night, and eating rotten bologna off the street.

I spend my days sleeping in my recliner or on the youngest kids bed. I love sleeping and lay down on top of anyone laying down. They love it!! I chase some squirrels, and the odd cat who jumps the fence. I love to make the neighbors dogs bark, it’s really easy. You lean against the fence and ignore them. And when Mom yells at you to stop teasing them you ignore her too. When I get in trouble I talk back and I always get the last word in. I tell them I love them and it makes them all laugh. I even have a different howl when each if my kids gets called and they ignore mom.

My talents are jumping and holding onto the 6′ fence, giving stink eye and tearing apart any toy you give me in about a minute flat.



I think Pliskin needs to pace himself. He knows blueberry juice makes him tipsy! He’s so damn cute and we can never say no.

The juice is shaken not stirred, we never drink anything with out shaking it first! ❤

Ferocious Feline Friday 13

#TailWaggingTuesday – WEDNESDAY EDITION!

Howdy Everyone!!

I was so busy at my paying job yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to blog or anything! Damn you bills for making me work when I want to play 🙂 So without further ado here is our #TailWaggingTuesday pup!

Some Words from his mommie!!

This is Edgar (after my favorite writer) he’s an American bulldog we rescued a little over a yr ago. He came to skinny and in pretty bad shape. He was still healing from a previous dog attack. Edgar is completely deaf and responds to hand signals! He’s very smart and learns quick. Edgar enjoys going for walks and car rides. He’s an aggressive snuggler and a pro at sleeping w his tongue slightly out

He has small dog syndrome so he climbs right on top of you whether you’re willing or not. He also kisses like a human. He presses his lips up against yours haha.