TV…What is it good for?!?

It’s well known that once you become a parent that you also begin to watch more cartoons than you did prior to children. Or at least you now watch cartoons that are more child friendly. Maybe, who knows?

My point is, cartoons.

While watching Loud House, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, etc. I’ve noticed a theme. They all teach lessons.

Be a good person.

Be truthful.

Share with others.

Learn to see things from a different perspective.

Forgive people.

Accept people.

The lists goes on and on. Great lessons taught in a simple way. Which got me thinking…at what point does that change? Continue reading “TV…What is it good for?!?”


LizaJane’s Top 5 Favorite TV Shows!

Doctor Who

  1. Doctor Who: This should not come as a surprise if you read my blog a few days ago. I have watched each episodes dozens of times and it never gets old for me. I see something new every time I watch each episode. Each new doctor and companion brings something new to each season/series even if you aren’t a fan of the companion during that season. (Again SORRY Martha!) I’m spinning in circles waiting for season/series 9 in August. I sure hope I make it. I don’t always feel like I can express how I LOVE this series without sounding completely off my rocker but I swear you only need to watch one episode to know what I mean!


  1. Sherlock: I discovered this gem on Netflix after I ran out of Doctor Who the first time. I was a fully addicted BBC addict so why not continue to enjoy the high with a sexy detective and his handsome and kind partner. This show is an hour and a half long because in the UK they don’t have the obscene amount of commercials and marketing that we do during a program. Go figure! Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have amazing chemistry and have completely modernized the characters for me.  I’m not a fan of the American TV series but I did love the US movies and if I’m not mistaken Benedict Cumberbatch did study Robert Downey Jr.’s interpretation because of how on point RDJ is as Sherlock.


  1. Arrow: Talk about action packed and awesome super heroes! Stephen Amell is everything you could want in the character of Arrow. What’s better is that outside the show he completely embraces the character and does amazing things for charity. The entire cast blends together so perfectly. Someone should shake the casting director’s hand for this win. Each week you watch Ollie and his team fight not just the evil that “Have failed this city!” but also the inner demons that chase them all on an individual level. The first season was kinda hard to watch each week but you could just see that the actors wanted it to work and 4 seasons later they have not failed us.


  1. The Flash: I might have some issues with super hero worship. Flash has always been a favorite of mine since watching the cartoon series Justice League Unlimited. I never read the comic books and for that I’m sorry but hey at least I still feel the love. Grant Gustin is the perfect Flash. He’s geeky, charming, smart and just has a love for life and people that shines out of him. This is only the first season of the series which is a spin-off of Arrow but I expect as much success for Flash as I do Arrow. When you’re watching the show you’re on the edge of your seat and it’s not just Flash that makes you hover. Between Cisco and his naming of our villains along with his incredible genius skills creating any weapon or super hero suit you can imagine and Dr. Wells with his secrets and jaw dropping revelations you don’t know whether to squeal or just faint. The action is non-stop.


  1. Archer: Cartoons for the adults ONLY! It’s Man Men but only funny and a cartoon. The high-jinks of the spy agency formerly known as ISIS is so extreme and WTH that you can’t do anything else but laugh and enjoy the show. Archer is a complete mess thanks to his mother and her unorthodox parenting styles, you could almost feel sorry for him if he wasn’t just an ass. Lana is a major bad ass with giant man hands and a HUGE rack. Pam is an in your face, farm grown force to be reckon with that you don’t want on your bad side. Cheryl is a complete nut, between her glue eating and her love of the chokegasm she is always the life of the party. Cyril is just a glutton for pain and punishment, how much humiliation can one man endure? Krieger can’t even be described, just think mad scientist meets Hitler clone. It’s only a 30 min show, 20 if you take commercials into account but it’s funny from beginning to end.