#BookReview: Becoming Faith

The JackholeS are back…
In the explosive ending to Faith and Kill’s roller coaster love story, Faith has finally surrendered to the inevitable conclusion that she was meant for Kill.
Her acceptance came at the perfect time, because the JackholeS are on their way to LA to record their chart-breaking album.
But LA and their burgeoning fame comes with another set of obstacles.
With a bitchy label representative hellbent on tearing them apart, a twitchy assistant who does more harm than good, and Kill’s mysterious phone calls he refuses to ignore, nothing is what it seems.
Can the JackholeS keep their family safe while rising to stardom?
Can Faith prove Kill owns her trust before it’s too late?
And the one person who can tear them apart could be lurking close by…. 
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#Fridaythe13th 2015

I didn’t go gory, I prefer the funny and this was perfect!

I don’t really believe any of the superstition regarding this date. I actually find it to be my luckier days and I LOVE cats! I think they’re good luck all year long. If a cat is crossing my path it’s because he/she is either hungry or needs a petting. I’d be more worried about a werewolf or Imp…..they’re just creepy lol


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#BookReview – Crown of Smoke by Snowa Fox

Crown Of Smoke (The Angel Marked Series #1)


A Life Bound
A Destiny Revealed
A Vengeance Unleashed

Dream Guardian, Vaughn Khale is on the brink
of gaining his redemption to claim the demon crown of Lucidity,
when his world is set ablaze.

Deception fractures his life of duty and honor,
altering his younger brother’s fate forever.

Pragmatic. Archeology student. Angel Marked.

Lila Vanderhook leads a normal 22 year old life,
until her nightmares attack her in the flesh.

Her brush with an ancient relic has ancient demons hunting her
and she must flee to save herself.

The decision has grave consequences for her guardian,
revealing a destiny neither of them are prepared for.
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