Who Has the Power?


Has there ever been someone in your past or maybe someone in your current life that makes you experience emotion beyond reason?

For example, the sound of their voice or the statements they make cause instance anger, frustration or fury?

Are you able to get past it or are you currently in the middle of it and have no escape from these emotions? Continue reading “Who Has the Power?”

Instead of #WaldoWednesday

I don’t have a theme today for #WaldoWednesday.

I have been dealing with a sick baby all week and lack the brain power this morning to dig too deep into myself.

I guess that’s wrong as well. I am digging deep but I don’t know if a quote from my favorite dead fella will work this morning.

Continue reading “Instead of #WaldoWednesday”

Happy Nevada Day….oh and Halloween too


Home means NEVADA, Home means the hill……

For many today both in Nevada and all over the US Halloween is the day that is celebrated by children and adults alike. For me October 31st is always first and foremost NEVADA DAY. It’s the day that the only place I’ve ever called home became an official state of the Union.

I love my home. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the summers with the unbearable heat but that doesn’t last forever. Love over powers any grief I have with summer time.

I love the way the wind is always blowing in Las Vegas. No matter what we always have a breeze.

I love how it smells when it’s about to rain and afterward when the desert has been cleansed.

I love that my husband and I are both born and raised in this state and it’s where we had our daughter.

I love how beautiful it is during the fall, winter and spring. How the air is warm during the day abut cool enough to snuggle at night.

I love that nearly everything is 24 hours. There is freedom in being able to eat breakfast in the middle of the night at your favorite little diner in a local casino.

I have a great deal of pride in my state and an fiercely protective when anyone deems my home less than great.

I have watched this city I live in grow and change in such a short amount of time. More people and more traffic. Road ways always under construction. It all can get maddening but this is my home. These are my streets.

When you’re out tonight with your kids knocking on doors remember to hum a birthday tune as well.




I feel a change coming. I’m not sure if that change will be in myself or an event surrounding me but it looms just over the horizon. I do not fear this change. I am oddly calm and ready for whatever is coming. I have already accepted it for what it is and I find myself prepared.


What strikes me about this feeling, is that I know it will have long term impact. This isn’t a small hiccup in life that will smooth over. This is something that is going to cause new paths to form. Continue reading “Changes…”

Time McGraw – Blank Sheet of Paper

I’ve heard this song for years and have loved it because of how I feel it describes my relationship with my own father. Recently at work I’m in a new department and the woman who sits next to me plays her iPod so we all have something nice to listen to besides the fan.

Anyways this song has been on the playlist and has played every day whenever I start to think about my dad and how I want to have a better relationship with him but neither of us know where to start. Right now it’s just baby steps and awkward phone calls. I did pay him a visit a few months ago and really enjoyed talking with him and my grandmother. It also brought to light just how different I am from him and how there may be ways we will never relate and that hurts my heart but I won’t give up. My mom has been really great in helping me talk through my feelings about having my dad in my life again and even made the trip with me to see him. How can I be so nervous to be around a man who helped give me life?

So here is the song as I found it on youtube, I don’t think an official video was ever created….and if it was I can’t find it but hit play and just listen to the words.