Hope, Faith, Country

Donald Trump has been in office 1 year, 96 days, 21 hours and 42 minutes as I write this sentence. My heart and my sense of country is heavy with sadness and doubt.


I’ve been interested in politics since my senior year of high school. I had a teacher than really impressed upon me the importance of knowing your rights as a citizen of the USA. I have never felt as proud of my status as an American until I entered her classroom. She changed my world. I will forever be grateful to her opening my eyes to the world around me. Thank you Ms. Snively! Continue reading “Hope, Faith, Country”


#BookReview: Tau’s Pride: Sacrifice

Would You Give Up Everything For Love? 
The Pride has made many sacrifices in the name of love and loyalty, but none compare to the ones they face now.
Regina fully embraced the Tau lifestyle to bring her family closer together, yet now it is driving a deeper wedge between her, Harry and Cole. How can she offer the rest of her family the security they need when her own foundation is threatened?
In the most tumultuous adventure yet, Regina and the Pride face an enemy determined to shatter the thin veil separating the Innocents from the supernaturals. Regina realizes her mission is much bigger than defending her family and the land they’ve pledged their lives to.
In order to save the Pride, Regina is forced to choose the ultimate sacrifice—her life to save the others—but is it enough?
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#BookReview: Surviving Faith (The JackholeS #2) by Joy Eileen

Faith valiantly tries to deny her explosive attraction to Kill. She finally caves into him when a frightening run-in with her ex, causes her to reevaluate her need to stay away. And she can’t help wondering why she took so long. Kill is everything she’s always wanted in a man, except he’s about to be famous.
Now that she has accepted him, can she keep him? Or will her crippling fears get the best of her?

Kill knows that he has a lot of work ahead of him to break through Faith’s walls. He didn’t expect her to put up such a tough fight.
With his imminent stardom looming, he has to make a choice. Should he continue to fight for Faith’s love and trust, or should he let her go and live his dream without the woman he loves?

Surviving Faith is the second installment of the JackholeS series. Continue reading “#BookReview: Surviving Faith (The JackholeS #2) by Joy Eileen”



So, for #WaldoWednesday I decided that it might be nice to introduce this man to you. I’ve posted his quotes for a while now but who is this man?

Born Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882) he was known professionally in his time as Waldo Emerson.

I don’t want to bore you with paragraphs of his life so I think I’ll just list some interesting facts. If you enjoy them then let them lead you to learning more about him.

  1. RWE was a prominent leader in the Transcendentalist movement of the 19th
  2. He gave more than 1500 public lectures in his lifetime.
  3. A mentor and close friend was American philosopher and fellow transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau.
  4. The death of his first wife, Ellen Tucker, marked the end of Emerson’s belief in organized religion and the start of his Transcendentalist beliefs.
  5. At age 14, he was the youngest student in his Harvard class.
  6. Ahead of his time, Emerson was a supporter of the suffrage and abolitionists movement.
  7. Emerson suffered memory loss at the end of his life.
  8. He was raised by women.

I find that last fact to be the most important. Because he was raised by women he grew up believing and seeing that women were strong, intelligent people. He worked as a schoolmaster at the school for women that his brother founded. He cared not that society was not yet up to date with his understanding of the equality of women.

#BookReview – Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan


I was recommended this book by my book whore sister from another mother. She kept telling me “JUST READ IT DAMMIT” and finally after dragging my feet, reading other books for indie authors and in general just procrastinating……I read it!

The first few chapters don’t tie in well together but hey the author needed to create the background for the story so I get it. I was able to figure it out by chapter 3, how the story was working. Despite the rocky start I was hooked from page one. You don’t often see a love story start with physical abuse or the mention of it. At least I’ve never read a story like that myself. Continue reading “#BookReview – Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan”