I Say Friday, You Say Party (Thanks Teen Titans GO!)

Happy Friday!!


This has been some week, right!

Well, maybe for me. Monday through Wednesday is a blur, I’m pretty sure it was just one long day. I felt like I was constantly going!! That was actually good, these last two days have dragged ass and has made for long work days.

On the home front my little Ninja is being her marvelous self. Last night she chased the laser with the cat and tried sweeping the backyard. Gotta love a kid who volunteers to clean, and at such a young age too! She’s also learned how to blow kisses, it’s the cutest thing EVER!

I’ve reached a point that my “fat” clothes no longer want to fit right at all. SIGH…I mean, it’s a good thing but also means I need to go shopping. I hate shopping! Dressing rooms always seem to be so damn hot, or maybe that’s just me having a panic attack. I can never find a decent shirt.


I’m also trying to get into accessories! My friend is selling the Paparazzi jewelry (EVERYTHING IS $5) and I’m completely addicted! I want to buy everything and it’s a struggle now to! The rings are to die for! They have elastic bands so no worries about sausage fingers.

If you’re interested here are the links:

FaceBook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/195365380962233/

Paparazzi Page: https://paparazziaccessories.com/68765/

I don’t get anything for asking you to check it out. I just love it and share what I love!

Yesterday was bring your kid to work day, I cannot wait until my little bird is old enough to bring to work! It’s perfect that she isn’t now, I work with some people I don’t want tainting my kids with their negative shit. They’ll be gone by the time she can come with me. Damn, that sounds really mean but oh well. I’m in that kind of mood today.

I’m happy but not taking any shit! I highly recommend it!

SO happy Friday and enjoy your weekend. Love your people and love yourself!


#Fridaythe13th 2015

I didn’t go gory, I prefer the funny and this was perfect!

I don’t really believe any of the superstition regarding this date. I actually find it to be my luckier days and I LOVE cats! I think they’re good luck all year long. If a cat is crossing my path it’s because he/she is either hungry or needs a petting. I’d be more worried about a werewolf or Imp…..they’re just creepy lol


(photo courtesy quotespoemsmessages.com)

Inspiration for your Friday

I found this quote yesterday and it really touched my heart. It spoke to me about so many things happening in the world around me and in my personal life. We all need to learn to adjust our sails and not think in such extreme manners.



What better way to say Happy Friday and to remind you all how awesome you are! Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to stumble over to my blog and read my brand of crazy.


(Picture courtesy allbodiment.wordpress.com)

#FerociousFelineFriday #FFF

It’s that time again!! Don’t bother holding on to you excitement, come meet our newest ferocious feline today!

When Izea isn’t busy waking his mommy at 5AM for attention and refusing to let her go back to sleep he’s usually practicing his yoga or playing with his favorite string.

He also knows what a pest he can be for his other mommy so he never hesitates to nibble on her toes to show his love.

Just looking into those crazy eyes I know you’ll all love him as much as his mommies do!Yoga Kittywhat

Izeas Eyes