Hi Dad….I have issues!


I had an epiphany recently, one that shouldn’t have taken me so long to realize but it is what it is, right?

I‘ve always been very open and vocal with my issues regarding my father and his lack of attentiveness once I hit puberty. I came to understand that he made choices about what he considered was a priority in his life and I wasn’t one of them. Its fine, I’m over that. What I didn’t realize was how it would affect me once I became a parent. Continue reading “Hi Dad….I have issues!”



I’m so late today but real-life got in the way.

Without further ado….


This has been on my mind for some time. With religion being such a hot button issue and people saying and doing things in the name of religion I am reminded of this quote again and again. I think people often forget that religion isn’t to be used to judge others. Heinous acts and terrible words are used when neither is needed where religion is concerned. For those of us that don’t believe in organized religion it makes us approach those involved in in church with apprehension.

I have always felt that religion should be about love, acceptance and learning. Love everyone, especially those who are different than you. Accept that difference and learn to embrace it all.

Letter to My 13 Year Old Self


Hello young one. I know you’re not surprised to receive this letter. I remember thinking and wishing this letter would come. Someone to let me know that the way I was feeling and all the trials that I felt were happening at the time weren’t worth it.

I want you to read this letter every time you want to cry because of someone’s mean remarks about your name, your clothes, where you live…..whatever. Just read and re-read. All the things you’re feeling now are normal and it’s ok. You’re allowed to be upset. You’re allowed to feel despair. Just remember this is a small hiccup in your life and each trial and tribulation is just helping mold you into the strong woman you will one day be. It doesn’t mean you won’t still be sad some days or feel like you’re drowning, it just means you’ll learn to cope and rise above. Continue reading “Letter to My 13 Year Old Self”

Meet Amita Trasi, The Amazing Author of The Color of Our Sky

I’m so very please to present this Q & A to you our an exceptional author. I was lucky enough to be able to request Amita Trasi’s book on NetGalley and even more lucky to be approved by the publishers to read and review her very first book. Shortly after the review Amita reached out to me because I had expressed interest in getting to know the author more and hopefully being able to have a guest post or interview with her. The story of The Color of Our Sky and the emotion that Amita brings to you with her words is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I hope you all get as much joy out of the interview that I did and continue to have each time I read it.

25285682 Continue reading “Meet Amita Trasi, The Amazing Author of The Color of Our Sky”