Sewing with your left hand should be more fun…

Hey guys!

Have you missed me?


I spent nine days at home for a staycation this year over the holiday and loved every minute! I got to spend all day, every day with my daughter.

It gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to be a stay at home mom. It was bittersweet. It taught me a great deal and gave me even more respect for all stay at home moms.

Being a working mom I feel that more often than not I see my co-workers more than I see my family. But at the same time I feel that I’m teaching Eme early that nothing is without sacrifice.ย  Continue reading “Sewing with your left hand should be more fun…”


Monday Funny

This was how my weekend felt, how about yours? But I refuse to let it get me down and got a good laugh from the South Park meme.

Thank you meme creators!! You always brighten my day!!



I found this gem while strolling around google town and felt the need to share it with all of you.


Do you like this saying by Eleanor Roosevelt? ME TOO!! Once I read it I felt like “DAMN! This lady is a genius!! Why did I think of that?” It also got me thinking. I allow others to do this to me. I allow me to do this to me. It inspired my thoughts below and made me think I might not be alone is doing this and that maybe I needed to put it out there in the universe and see what happens. Continue reading “#MotivationalMonday”