Have you tried LipSense?

Keep the changes coming!

On February 22nd I decided to take a leap. No, not off a bridge but into my future. I decided to become a distributor for SeneGence. There are a company founded in the United States that sells everything from LipSense to skincare.

Luxe Lips & Leggings wLiza

Starting this side venture changed my life. I have this phenomenal support team who is there day and night to answer all my questions. They encourage me to be the best me and it feels so good!

In fact, it’s felt so right that I’ve not had one moment of doubt. I didn’t feel that way with my other short venture into the Direct Sales world. That’s ok though, I learned what I was looking for and what I was willing to do to change my life. Everything is about learning and growing, right? Continue reading “Have you tried LipSense?”


New Hair Cut!!!

I’ve had so much going on in my life and will shortly share the my newest adventure with you all but for now I must keep it to myself. Trust me when I tell you it’s killing me!!! I hate keeping secrets, especially good ones!!

With that said, I can at least share my new haircut!! I forget how much I love my hair short until I do it again. What do you think?

How lucky that I take so many selfies at my desk that I happen to be wearing the same shirt!!

New Do!