Influenster: #CharmVoxBox

Influenster update!!

So I’ve been doing influenster for about a month now, right? I’ve done about 30 reviews on different brands and feel like I’m honing my writing skills in the process. I’m able to think about what draws people to a product and what I want to know before making a purchase myself.

Anyways, about 2 weeks back I learned that I was to receive a Charm VoxBox from Influenster in exchange for honest reviews across social media. I was and am beyond excited! FREE STUFF and I get to give my opinion….SCORE!!!!! #Influenster #IGotItFree

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OMG, I’m 35!


This is the first year I didn’t cry on my birthday! WOOHOO for me!

Last year it was completely hormonal when I cried off and on all day, I had just had a baby 7 days prior.

Maybe my mindset this year was different. I am a completely different person after all. I mean we all are but for me having a child changed something at my core.

It’s possible I was sad and overtly emotional each year but I knew something or someone was missing.

Either way, I’m glad this year was different. It felt really good to actually feel content and happy on my birthday.

I got to spend the morning taking a walk with my mom and daughter. I went for a pedicure with a good friend and spent the afternoon on the couch cuddling that same daughter.

My husband surprised me with a beautiful perfume gift box. It had the perfume, lipsticks, blush, sparkles, lotion and shower gel. Oh and a great bag to hold it all! I was truly surprised and happy to receive the gift, I knew he put thought into it. That’s what meant the most.

I also got some flowers, cupcakes and a card from my mom and daughter. That made me smile, my first present from my child. Granted, she has no idea she gave it to me or that it’s my birthday but whatever. I loved it!

Did I mention I’m now 35? I don’t feel 35, so does it count?