Who Has the Power?


Has there ever been someone in your past or maybe someone in your current life that makes you experience emotion beyond reason?

For example, the sound of their voice or the statements they make cause instance anger, frustration or fury?

Are you able to get past it or are you currently in the middle of it and have no escape from these emotions? Continue reading “Who Has the Power?”


#SmileAndNod DENIED!

Today I cannot smile and nod.

I am usually a content person, I wouldn’t say happy because well I’m not happy all the time. Most times I’m just trying to make it through the day without being noticed by anyone around me. I’m content, I accept myself as awkward and anti-social but I am also someone that is very loyal and open-minded.

Over the past week I have felt a cloud forming over-head. I am familiar with this cloud because it is a constant companion of mine. It usually likes to appear when my life is at a precipice. I could fall and fail or raise and feel the sun on my face. I want the sun, I NEED the sun. Continue reading “#SmileAndNod DENIED!”